July 17 2019.

This is the 4th day

Of my monthly cycle.

And I’ve still got 3-4 ,

More days to go.

My uterus feels like it’s

Stabbing itself repeatedly

With a broken fork or a dull knife.

Because of endometriosis ,

This pain is simply

Part of my life.

It gets ugly. Rolling into a ball,

Trying to sleep.

Using electric blanket or a heating pad for the pain.

I used to have this pain daily, back when I was using prescription pain medication. Got off of that though. Now I mostly only have pain with my cycles

Still 3-4 more days of cramping, twisting, bleeding and hurting.

These things I don’t look forward to.

Burning, stabbing, twisting and swearing as my uterus stabs itself



About Sex in the Kitchen Sink.

Hello. My name is Emily H. Sturgill. I began this blog on WordPress.com in 2012.
All the featured images, artwork and Poetry belong to me unless otherwise noted.
Every poem is written by me and I retain copyrights to everything posted on this blog unless otherwise noted.

I have been using the self-publishing platform through Amazon’s KDP program. I have self-published a total of 22 books over the last seven years. Now I am in the process of releasing my 23rd. Of the 23 books there are 17 Artwork and Poetry chapbooks, 2 Poetry Anthologies that I edited, 2 Artist chapbooks, 1 personal memoir and lastly 1 Fictional collection of short stories.

Some of my poetry in my new chapbook was first published on this site. In those cases I have dated and marked published on http://www.sexinthekitchensink.wordpress.com. I am still the original author and artist of this blog.


Traffic- 7/12/19

Running on Empty.
Running late,
only Green lights
but I’d stop for Red.

it’s that time again,
where my cycle
begins anew.
It brings the Red rain.
It brings the solid pain.
the cramping,
the bending,
the twisted torso.

but somehow this month
it’s 3 days late.
not too sure what to do
and it’s just another waiting game,
of wait and see.

Running on Empty.
Running late,
only Green lights
but I’d stop for Red.

New Poetry and Artist chapbook…

Thursday 7/11/19
I just submitted a new manuscript to Amazon.com’s Kindle Platform.
It is roughly 65 pages of Poetry, Drawings, a couple paintings and lots of Photography.

It might take a few days to become available but when it does the kindle version will cost $5.49 and the paperback will cost $15.00. It’s signed up with the Match book program so if you buy a paperback the ebook is only 99 cents.

The new chapbook is called “Painfully Sane:Poetry and Artwork.” by Emily H. Sturgill, 2019.
You can buy it right off Amazon.com using my Author’s page link:


Pain paves my way.


Pain paves my way

It passes over my body

In bent and twisted ways.

It follows me everywhere.

For at least 1/4 of every month.

I try to fight it.

Heated blankets and tylenol.

I usually lose the fight.

Pain knows all the tricks.

Pain fights dirty breaks the rules.

Pain is part of my journey and

It whispers secrets just to me.

Pain paves my way.

balance 6/15/19


There is a tightrope I walk

it covers miles of canyons

which sink to depths I’ve never seen.

And the sky above is vast and huge

those tall summit heights I’ll never climb.

But the in-between is my tightrope.

I’m very fortunate to have a safety net

consisting of family, friends and even some strangers

off the internet.

This is all in place

just in case I stumble or fall.

It’s my saving grace.

I’ve been walking this same tightrope

since I was only 18.

Despite being terrified of heights,

I must continue walking this rope

above great canyons

It’s a process, a journey which never ends,

a struggle to find balance.