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blue eyes

brown hair

lovely smile

beyond compare

strong arms

hold me so tightly

wrapped me nightly

save me in this fight,

truth and honesty

words of honor

good as gold

trust so bold.

i will always love you

that is a guarantee

sealed by wedding vows

a verbal key.

blue eyes

brown hair

lovely smile

i cant compare.


your my kyptontonrite

as i fracture and fight

this moonless night

my heart beats too tight,

your my kryptonite

kicks my ass

too tired to fight ‘your my obsession

as much as i try to let go

something pulls me back into

the dark past.

you are my kryptonite

as i fracture and fight

too heavy

i fall out of the night into the darkness.

black buttons


velveteen rabbit

black button eyes

two handsome groomsmen

black button ties

vows taken

away from me on this day

a bride a wife a happy life

an excerpt read from the velveteen rabbit

as we took our vows

i would promise to love you forever

as you learned how to become real with me

and i real with you too.

we might fight. we might forget. but we never quit.

black buttons today and tomorrow too.

for me and for you.

wrong postal code


She died too young

He died too old

now theyre both n the wrong postal code.

Shes jamming to music dancing barefoot in Heavens gardens

he is doubting every mistake hes made

as the days gets hotter

Eternity doesnt last much longer

theyre in the wrong postal code.

love wasnt made for this

love wasnt made for this

love wasnt made for this.