NEW RELEASE: Dredging up Demeter:An Autumn Anthology

My second Anthology Poetry project that I edited is now available on kindle for $3.33.

It contains the hard work of eight other poets, nine including myself. I just updated the book description to include all the poets names-however those changes will not appear for 12 hours. But this is what the updated description should say:

This is a creative collaborative collection of poetry focusing on three seasonal themes. First is Autumn, Secondly is seasonal holidays such as Dia de los muertos, Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice, Yule and Christmas. Last is transitioning the changing of Seasons from Summer into Autumn, or Autumn into Winter. There is an underlying connection to the natural world and our place as Poets in it. This collection is very unique yet diverse. Hopefully we weave a web of interrelated connections of Nature and her four seasons as we knock upon her door, we are dredging up Demeter.

This collection contains the works of: Leesa Abbott, Omavi Victorine, Celestine Nudana, Jacob Appelman, Katy Ottaway,Scott William Kendall, Anna Bianca,Carrie Page and Emily Sturgill.

That last part was added this morning and should show up tomorrow!! I really meant to put it in the first time!!! Sincere apologies!

Everyone worked very hard on this. I really appreciate all the poets for making this happen-I merely had an idea-they supplied all of their talents.

The Draw to the Bright side-

The draw to the bright side~10690209_10202380310584146_6677950030328337425_n

Sometimes we begin,

with the best of all attentions,

but we secretly close ourselves

off. We draw the curtains close. We wear

our sunglasses. We begin to feel that there is

no more bright side,

to this life.

But in reality we have shun

the bright side away.

We close ourselves off to illuminations,

We close ourselves off to blue skies,

sunshine, and warm pretty places.

Suddenly our world slips,

from black & white,

into only gray.

We forget about the light.

And the light itself, it grows its wings,

it flies away,

but only because we refuse,

to seek it out.

Life is not only one-sided.

Everyday, there are equal amounts,

of darkness and light

dancing and playing.

Ask yourself, quite honestly, which are

you seeking? The darkness or the light?

Or the beauty found in both?

A glass neither half empty or half full-

remains just a glass, with some water in it

after all…will you drink it or not?

silly questions…

but still  glass remains just a glass.

Crash &Bash:

Crash & Bash-


I feel as though

I have been letting some

loyal readers down~

i haven’t written much

poetry on my blog

since i left town.

we had an awesome vacation,CAM01704 CAM01702 CAM01701

but now i’m back

hoping dearly nobody has given

up on me entirely.

Life got kinda busy.

The hustle, bustle, besides collecting

poetry for an upcoming


The hustle. bustle, the crash & bash.

The empty time, while I was away,

with nothing to say,

i just was not online.

Life got kinda busy,

The hustle, bustle, the crash & bash,

a stolen vacation,

leaving my blog a bit empty

lonesome but please please

do not forget me & do

forgive all the empty

i left here instead.

it’s just been kinda busy,

the hustle, the bustle, the bash & the crash,

inside my head.

A quiet Saturday

A quiet Saturday-

A quiet day, spent by

sleeping in. Awaking slowly,

into the afternoon, very much

unlike me.

Meditative as the hum drum hum

of our heater fills our bedroom.

All of a sudden, it feels like a game of make believe.

A game of Hide and Seek.

As I search my minds eye-

for some wise words

to live by.

Poetry is a Muse

who often comes and goes,

without much thought or effort

on my part.

She either comes a knocking…

or she does not.

All of a sudden, it feels like a game of make believe.

A game of Hide and Seek.

As I search my minds eye-

for some wise words

to live by.

Some days

I am the first

to admit,

I am a bit

like a gas gauge

stuck on empty.

abstract musings

abstract musings~

solitary seldomness leading

to singleness of thought.

writing on automatic, yet again,

as I gain great comfort

from the thoughtful

all sprawled out

black cat

lying beside me.

she is sleeping

and lost in dreams

of the chase

no doubt

of cat and mouse.

words are somewhat elusive,

sacred but scarce at the same time.

in a momentary flash

words are gone

and a shadow remains

of a small


Some bipolar artwork


10418311_10202380313264213_1680142073452811708_n Camera Somebody asked on a bipolar support group page for images that describe bipolar disorder or feeling-all I can show is Artwork I created during different phases of my illness mostly when I was manic but some are from depression too-as a viewer I leave it up yo you to fecide which is which??? All art are created by Emily H. Sturgill, All rights reserved. Feel free to share my images but please add my name at least to them if you use them-thanks, Emily SturgillCAM00335 back cover art before words3 copy advicecollage1 IMG_0445 you are the light at the end of my tunnel 12.4.12 digital art 6 cassette tape july 11 068

copper leaf necklace hangs down

A copper leaf necklace hangs down

off the side of my bed

as it rips through my

clenched fist

and I grab

fists full of air.


it hits the floor softly

making so little

less noise

you’d think it


was not there

this memento

a token

of a trip i took

while we were



we were parted

like the great and giant

Red Sea

a gulf of misunderstanding

it stretched out between,

you & me.



into two

two entirely

different people

than the ones

who we normally are


people stuck together

not by glue

but by choice


it was my heart

i gave it to you

on a dark and stormy night.


you still have it.

my heart i mean.

even though its quite messy, dirty and awful,

you take care

of it

you dust it clean

by only using


one thing.

your love

this endless stuff

we are stuck here

together with

this sticky situation


and yet we stay


stronger now

then ever parted.


this copper necklace

a leaf

a momento

a reminder

to get more sleep


and to be my better self

sometime tomorrow

my love

my endless golden sticky

situation that I’ve stuck with

my love is the one

i would stand by

through years of


Anthology Update Dredging up Demeter: Fall anthology poetry project

Dredging upDemeter Cover 2      Hello. I just wanted to give a quick shot out to all of my poets in this upcoming project that each poet needs to have their four poems and one jpeg of a piece of original artwork-which hopefully corresponds to their poems or how they see themselves as a poet/artist. I’m a bit unconventional. I am an Art Therapist. Almost anything you could think of creating I might be willing to accept as art for example: collage with magazines, drawings, doodles, sketches, paintings, prints, etching, found art sculpture, photographs all these would fit as long as you created it or you hold the copy-write-that allows me to publish it. I prefer it is something you created yourself however.

At last count I had seven poets for sure. Only Leesa and Katy have submitted everything. The deadline is still Jan 30th, 2015.

So excited that this project is growing wings and slowly stretching out. Looking forward to the rest of your work, Sincerely

Emily Sturgill


Abstraction caught in a bottle:

Abstraction caught in a bottle:

Emily Sturgill Jan 5th, 2014

Abstraction caught in a bottle,

like a dream crashing

upon your shore

a crumpled piece

of poetry

you unwrap it

to read words

clearly not there.

so abstract, so random, so unreal:

as you unfold its contents

tumble out

senseless in their

mathematical useless algebraic

equations it reads in part:

Hell Kisses

Twilight brown toned hostess

hope is a fantastic Lake & did you

know that,

A Crimson peace sunshine filled

Foo Doggie


a Poetry Hope Cashier

who is cashing in on

bright brick trees.

It senses the

Ginger Ale

serenity of