Making magic-

words fall out

rapidly, like a fire-hose.

words fall down

sideways stumble and stretching

into a staircase.

words bubble upwards

lifting my soul

higher and higher.

words flake off

lightly, longingly into

a stream of

subconscious poetry.





My body trembles

when you say my name.

With a simple touch,

I resolve to dust.

As We make love,

the earth shifts on it’s axis.

As I rotate slightly beneath the warmth

of your sun. everything.everything. it’s everything shaking.

You feel hard.

You feel large.

You feel like, my earthquake, baby.


The One


is my rock solid.


is my better half.


is the Algebra in my equation that equals perfect math.

He is my best friend. He is my morning Song his heart is my home. It’s somewhere we both belong. He is my husband his star is bright and sincere. He has the bluest eyes they reflect a sea, a soul so deep, the blue of a thousand skies. I get lost in a stare. And, Marriage is a promise that we keep, a love that binds….


I’ve been lost…

I’ve been lost…

among my mood-swings

among my Mania and Depression

I’ve been lost…

among bottles of prescriptions

and the hum-drum drag of stability.

I stopped somewhere and forgot

the pulsing throbbing desire

to write words down

into the slip of a



I’ve been lost…

among blank empty pages

blank whiten unpainted canvases

and the ever growing lonely mess

of my soul.

I’ve been lost…

will I ever come back?


but right now I just don’t know.

The Table top Poem

The Table top poem by Emily Sturgill


A woman filled with the mourning of

the loss of her husband

put his hunting jacket on the table.

She also placed his fishing gear, hooks and tackle on the table.

She put her memories of him into their children and grandchildren.

The stories he would tell She put the words into her dry mouth telling

them to all who would listen especially on the holidays.

After 40 years of marriage a stranger murdered her husband.

She had never met this stranger before but he was introduced to the couple

three years before her husband’s death as Stomach Cancer.

Unfortunately due to her grief the woman has to be reminded of the happy times She had with her husband by her children and friends. The couple with one half missing now have a great grandchild.

She changes into her nightgown putting her heart on her sleeve and goes to bed into a dreamless sleep.

Written for Gary and Deborah Sturgill in 2011. Gary passed in April 2006.

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A Hero like me

I need a Hero somebody like me at my best

I need a Hero somebody with all of my goodness none of my weakness.

I need a Hero somebody who is stable who has their stuff together.

If I could reach inside my inner mind and find

a seed of strength and inner peace I would try to become

my own kind of Hero. I wish I could find this other me

the one who has stability.I lose parts and pieces of myself during

my bipolar episodes. I’m still reeling from last summer’s mania.

Yes I need a Hero somebody like me at my best.


Lost in stardust, lost in daylight, lost in thoughts.

I even lost an old poem I’d written.

I had posted it prior to this blog in 2011 on’s associated content but

the link no longer works. I cannot find which journal I had written it in.

It was called ” The Table top poem.” by Emily Sturgill.

It figures that I would lose that. I lose everything eventually and especially my mind.

I have not been blogging. My poems do not flow. They are stuck to the roof of my mouth tasting like so much cigarette ash. The words clog up.  Feeling sort of lonely but good to be alive. Lost in stardust, lost in daylight, lost in thoughts.