Spring brings blooms

Spring brings blooms

tulips opening slowly

into bursts of bubbling colors

Spring brings bold once barren landscapes

into bright beautiful blossoms of color

hues of pastels shades of baby blue and greens

everything unfolds freely into the warm wind.

Spring brings blooms

the flowers they whisper as they peek out

from tightly wrapped buds

even the grass changes from brown back to green.

The change of seasons is dramatic

the rebirth of earth and plants hang upon

a restless daydream.

going gray

go swiftly into

the darkened night

my beautiful gray russian blue

go swiftly into a rainbow bridge

I will stroke your fur one last time

as I cry these horrible teardrops

which feel heavy salty with bitter regrets.

go swiftly into darkened night

go gray beautiful sweet kitty

i will always remember our 16 years

together as owner and friend

go swiftly and silently to sleep

closing those emerald eyes one last time

but before you go always know

I have loved you long and well

I will miss you so.

Rest in peace my gray ghost Godzilla.



song of the wind

song of the wind-11/12/15

Autumn blows her leaves

recklessly and refreshes the lawn

with hues of orange, red and brown.

the wind sings a song

between a roar and a hum

the earth bellows a blast

of nature’s music

between a roar and a hum.

the wind sings a song-

as Autumn blows her leaves

leaving a chill in the house.

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feeling lost

little small achey

hurt in a healing heart

feeling small

with hidden jewels of happiness

but i cannot find them all

i am lost

at a loss for words

a word like hope

feels too big for me.

there is a ache in my heart

an emptiness in my chest

a sadness in my soul.

sometimes losing hurts so much

you can forget what winning feels like.

the world gives us both

so much to lose

but so much to win.

i feel lost.

its temporary and i know

that I will find what I am looking for.

missing pieces

IMG_0784missing pieces 10-24-15

you’ve passed away two days now

and there are pieces of you everywhere.

its the missing pieces, that i miss.

the sound of your sharp howl bark

the snap of your jaws and teeth-(as you would try to “speak”)

the click-clackey clack of your paws and nails

on our wood floors.

there’s even bits and pieces of your thick

wool like fur on the staircases.

there’s the empty spot where you would lay

under the dining room table.

these missing pieces of the old dog I loved.

the house feels lonely and much quieter now.

letting you go was very hard.

now your somewhere better and hopefully

at peace. No longer in pain just another dog angel

in a sky filled of stardust. But I’m left with memories

and missing pieces of my friend.IMG_0225