Flourish- 6/20/2020

Walking tall
these summer wildflowers
sprouting small
yet growing devine
every single day
a new hourglass
of growth
waiting on the wildflowers
to just walk tall and bare their arms and limbs
into pastels of petals
just open their wings
to the butterflies
Walking tall
these summer wildflowers.

I do

I do- 6/20/2020

The daily grind
the time we’ve spent
ever since we first met
this everyday romance
a situation created by chance,
the love we share
the ways you care
always by my side
forever we decide
to spend together.

It’s in the touch of your hand.
It’s in the stare of your eyes.
It’s in the vows and wedding band.
It’s in the little things you do.
It’s this romance I have with you.

It means so much
every single touch

It’s in the daily grind

It’s in all of the time





Green algae
flowing water
hidden goldfish
secret societies
flourishing beneath
the lily pads
and eating the
water hyacinth

secret scales
fins and tails
tooth and nails
whenever will you surface again?

these goldfish are convicts
accused of crimes
yet to be determined.

they swim in the cage
they’re in
underneath the hyacinth.


Yellowjackets- 6/20/2020

Tickweed, yellow bluebells and marigolds
are all wearing halos
in my garden,
these yellow angels stand out.

The tickweed is red and golden
star shaped.
the bluebells are pure Canary yellow
brightly lit.
the marigolds are gold, yellow and reddish brown
like a crown on a broken king.
They are the yellow of school buses, the gold of a statue
and the hues of primary paint cans in my garden.
These yellow angels stand out like yellowjackets.



is a flame
in dark times

poetry binds
us together,
into one Universal

poetry gives voice
to the dead and unspoken.

poetry gives hope
to the ill and uninspired.

poetry lights the way
reaches where
words cannot say.

is a flame
in dark times.

written for World Poetry Day 3/21/2020


Urgency- Covid-19

The Earth is
a Sphere
enshrined by Fear.

This latest
makes us
in waves.

We must come
and unite
only then
can we continue
to fight.

Mother Nature
our greatest

Time to reflect
on Hope, Love and Beauty.
It’s not time to Neglect.

The Earth is a Sphere
Enshrined in Fear.

upside down world

Upside down world-2/14/2020

what lies beneath
this upside down world
is an upside down girl
melting inside
a broken down world.

what lies beneath
this dirty icy gravel
a muddy pile
of twisted leaves
and branches of a smile

the tears linger longer
then the make up gives way
to stained cheeks.

what lies beneath
a pile of grief
a broken down world
for an upside down girl.


yearning- 2/13/2020

i yearn for years
yearn for a missed pathway
i stumbled across.

too frightened to cross
too frightened to pass
it’s stony ridges and cracked in creases.

broken pavements
a stepping stone
instead i chose to walk alone
and then for years, you were not here
i have yearned
for a thousand ages

now it feels much too late
i saw a recent photograph
of your face.
Also a beautiful woman.
you have clearly moved on
without me.

Fairy tales

Fairy Tales- 1/5/2020

whispering zen masters
whispering drunks
whispering pagans
pounding on empty drums.
haunted by memories
of moments
long passed me by
on the wayside

mother maiden and crone
which phase of this moon am i?
by the flame
of this flickering candle
lies an unspoken

dusty by the winds
of time
as i listen
for music
that this wind makes
as the breeze passes me by.