an iny_tRo_ duction

an iny_tRo_ duction.

What lies beneath?

What lies beneath?

Emily H. Sturgill


What lies beneath

this porcelain glass sculpted hand?

this enigma of uncertainty

What lies beneath

a broken body / a shattered soul/a splintered mind?

What lies beneath the rug

so often pulled right outta of me?

What is hiding there in the corner

beneath the waves of sleep

i’ve been missing

and all the hopes and dreams

I am pretending?

What lies beneath a blank canvas

which calls out for you,

for anyone who

has the courage to


a single black mark?

Am I the blank canvas or

am I the mark?

I haven’t decided which

but i will back up

and just

call that part


We live~ We breathe~ We die~(sometimes we even reincarnate just to start all over again.)

We live. We breathe. We die.

we swallow creativity whole

like gulping down the horizon

the place i see

deep into your eyes

where earth meets sky.

We live. We breathe. We die.

We eat creativity like koi

swim in battled waters

all at once at peace

yet fighting for their food

the soul that feeds them.

When the world was new…

Did the pagan Gods rise from the

Earth and sky to

greet them

the sleek slender Koi

I mean

as they went on swimming by?

We live. We breathe. We die.

and if and when we are lucky

someday we will live long

enough to know the why?

This Sickness


awesome poem!

Originally posted on maggiemaeijustsaythis:

Sickness comes at interludes, when
light burns brighter than
sun stars, when Anger dashes in
to catch the aftermath.

We battle for the scenery.
Touching base, both reaching for
the flag, for proclamation.

It is mine. This sickness is mine
to water or see to wilt.
I find no fault in either,
both are stars of polar regions,

imploding a billion light years away
from me. I will awake with sweaty palms,
the enemy dripping down my back.

I sit in the night, like a sauna,
saluting the grace of the Gods
for keeping what is meant for the skies
quietly away from these hands.

My medicine will come clockwise, sneaking up
on me, on little twinkling toes.
I never miss this time because there is no
better place to live or to die.

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8 Clear Signs You And Your Partner Has What It Takes To Last Forever


A good list.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Flickr / ethermoonFlickr / ethermoon

Health. We all think about it, especially as we age. We visit the doctor, we eat right (at least sometimes), we Google our symptoms and then fret when the Internet inevitably tells us we’re dying. We want health so we survive on this planet for as long as possible.

We think about health, but only as it relates to our bodies. Sometimes we forget to think about health in terms of romantic relationships.

Just as physical health prolongs life, the health of a relationship also extends a union. To put it simply, a relationship that is unhealthy won’t last, or, at least, it shouldn’t. Instead, it’ll shrivel up and limp away, two dissolving into one.

But what is a healthy relationship, exactly? How do we know if our relationship is well enough to survive the long haul or so sick that it’s time to consider putting…

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This Is How We Live And Love


I’ve always felt online dating to be a very bad and even in some cases a dangerous idea. You cannot really get to “know” someone online as in real life. The only thing I disagree with is that not everyone has to start out as friends first while i do agree that is a lovely plan and does work well everybody is different. By happy accident I connected with my current partner by a chance meeting almost 15 yrs ago-I asked him for a ride home from a coffeehouse and we have been romantically linked every since. I admit our love story is highly unusual. I do not suggest that most people jump right into the frying pan-but i must admit it worked for me and I heard stories from older adults of similar love stories. But it is most important to meet in person first and not through any social media.Meet in real life. Take things in time, do not fear taking it too slow nor too fast. Just really get to know one another as a human being instead of an angiogram rhythm-this blog post explains WHY very well.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Our generation grew up with the rise of technology, and now in this day and age, we’re so used to everything fast-paced. We’ll get our smartphones from our pockets; hold them all day ‘til dawn. This isn’t how we should be living, or even finding long lasting love. But is there even such a ‘love’ in the hook-up culture that we currently have? Our days now revolve around dating apps, online dating sites, and social media. It’s not your easy guide in finding true love. It never will be, as love can’t be found on Tinder and Grindr.

“A swipe can change your life,” as I’ve seen in one app. Yes, it can – but you shouldn’t rely on it. It’s fun to try those quick and instant dating apps, but is it even worth it? For some, it may seem so, but if you want to build an authentic…

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Poetic Forms — Acrostic


awesome examples of acrostic poetry here and a very well written and well thought out definition of Acrostic poetry. Bravo! A joy to read.

Originally posted on The Rattling Bones:

The most common form of Acrostic poetry is taking the letters from the title and using each letter to begin a word in the line of the poem. There is also the Compound Acrostic. It delivers two messages, one using the first letters of the poem and the second using the last letters. With the Double Acrostic, it has some hidden word, sentence, or clue placed in it. The same clue is in both the first and last letters of each line. While the first and last letters are most common, other patterns have been known to be used. And then there is the Telestich, which is just like a regular Acrostic, except the last letters in the  lines spell out the title or message. Some of these are even flushed to the right on the page.

Regular Acrostic example (from my own poetry archives):


Growing old just won’t do

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Bleeding colors

Bleeding colors-

by Emily H. Sturgill 5/7/2015

Bleeding colors

the colors on the backdrop

on my mind’s eye’s canvas

they run into an abstract painting.

they run into an abstract painting

a painting that burns & glows

within a dimly lit soul.

What question did you just ask?

Why do these colors bleed and run?

I do not own the why

i just know when they


i become undone.