Anniversary Song-

A few days ago, thanked me and

offered congratulations on writing this blog,

for two years now.

I cannot believe how much,

this strange, wacky, little blog

of mostly weird poetry,

has become so darn important to me.

To have that sensation of merely

scrawling graffiti on a bathroom stall

to realizing that someone is actually

reading your words,

paying some attention at all-

it is and remains rather

amazing to me.

That others might read, connect or even pay

any attention to me~it is a strange random fruit

a piece of delicacy.

I want to thank all my readers,

for jumping into the unknown with me.

For reading, for commenting, for bestowing

any attention to my small world

of poetry.

That has been the most wonderful surprise

of all. To be able to connect through the maze of the

internet, with readers, with other writers, with other poets,

with anybody ever at all.

I celebrate this anniversary with all of you.

If no one ever paid any attention,

I would have just faded out into

the abyss.

Thank you each and all of you

for ever bothering to peek

into my bathroom stall

and read my graffiti-

loosely scribbled poetry

my words

on this