About: Sex in the kitchen Sink….this blog.

I started blogging quite a few years ago-its really hard to recall how long ago? But I’m guessing about 4 years now-so back in 2010.The only way, I even recall that was I found out about WordPress.com around the same time I was planning my hubby and I-our wedding.
To say ours was an unusual courtship would be putting it mildly.

I wound up going back to his place on our very first date, which was not even supposed to be a date. I had asked him for a ride home-it was raining cats & dogs that night and my parents house was a 2 mile walk away from the coffeehouse. That is how he and I first met. And I only went back to his place, based on a spontaneous set of kisses he gave me, which were like the best kisses.ever.

He proposed to me twice over the course of 10 years of dating & living together.
The first time he changed his mind or we both did.The second time we both agreed we should. The first proposal came after only being together 2 years. The second proposal happened eight years after that. I took almost an entire year to plan the perfect wedding. And that’s how I stumbled onto WordPress.com

My first blog was all about me-all about us and all about our wedding. Needless to say nobody read it.

My second blog happened during or after a manic depressive meltdown. I wrote under a pen name about all of my unresolved, yet so very dire, childhood issues. Nobody read that one either. So I started a third. That one I started making a transition between ranting and raving-personal memoir-confessionals-private diary and down and out just plain flat poetry.

I got a few readers. But some A$$-wipe kept hacking into my hotmail email account for the blog. I think it was all about the name. The email name was tattooedmonkey@hotmail.com and for some reason this young whippersnapper would not leave the email alone-no matter how many tries or attempts to change the password.

So I sat down and thought about it for a while. I mean really pondered the meaning of life the universe and everything and came up with the number 42. Then I just shook my head and told myself you read too many books emily!

Then the other, more valid thought occurred! What is a name or a moniker that nobody else has thought up yet? Basically what is both unique and unpopular?
That’s how I thought up the name “Sex in the kitchen Sink.”

I decided right there and then I would focus my blog simply on poetry. If I had something to confess or something or somebody i was upset with I could deal with that the old school way with a pad of paper and a pen.I decided to make a personal distinction between my blog and my journal. My journal is something private that I mostly never show anyone. My blog has roughly 350 followers at this point.

what I learned was simple. People don’t want to read every thought in your head.Well, most people anyways…It’s ok if thats how you write your blog-but i do not do that anymore for mine. I have always loved to write poetry and the love of language is what really fascinates me.

It makes me feel good to write poems. And it makes me feel even better when people not only read my poems but actually like them too.

So that is the Why, When & How of how Sex in the kitchen sink was born.

The End.
Sincerely, Emily

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