form between
the line in my brow,
as I
take a deep breath
in and wonder why?

I try so hard
to understand how to,
how do I?

Connect all these dots
Or even try?

Connections form
between the gleam, between my
two big brown eyes…
Connections form as
neurons spark, fire-cracker style go up-

wickedly surreal
the untold story of the brain.

All these connections vary,
from person to person
yet still they remain
basically the same.

Resulting in countless connections
between the different pathways
of our mind

leading to
thought creation
and hesitation

and even Art itself.

It all begins with
a random game of

all you must do:
is connect all of the dots

around you.

Maggie Mae Just say this…

For sometime I have been a fan of the blog :

For quite sometime I have really wanted to purchase her chapbook. It came out last year. So I finally got around to ordering it. I doubt I will be disappointed as I am a fan of her writing.
Here is a link:

I really think it is reasonable priced and am really looking forward to getting it in the mail. I do try to support other artists and poets when I can. I will likely also decide to post a review of her chapbook because I am betting that it is utterly fantastic!

Book Review: “The God of my Art.”by Sarah Lane

I just finished reading Sarah Lane’s novel,”The God of my Art.” We first meet the protagonist Helene in June 2001. She is 21. She meets her Muse Matthew through a mutual friend Christine. Christine and Matthew are both members of a University Mountain Rock climbing club.Matthew is older 23. He becomes a brief romantic entanglement for Christine. After this relationship ends She spends much time pondering him-and she takes us along for the ride.

Sarah Lane separates her novel into three stages using the primary colors of Red, Blue and Yellow. This is very creative and fitting for a book about a young artist’s journey.Each color also invokes moods; Red is passion, Blue as sorrow and disappointment and Yellow as Growth and new beginnings. Then each section is also divided into chapters. I do not wish to include a synopsis or any spoilers.

This was a fun and engaging read for me personally as an artist. However there are some parts of her book I would like to draw attention to because I felt they were very well written.On page 95 Helene is musing that (she feels),” A life without art seems like no life at all, and every single day that I don’t create in some way seems not fully lived.” She ponders further about not wanting to become just another starving artist. This inner conflict is the undercurrent throughout this novel.It is a conflict way too familiar to many artists.

Later on pg 160, Helene ponders Nietzche, “Whoever fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster.And if you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will also gaze into you.”She was introduced to his writing via her muse Matthew.As she thinks over this quote she reflects,”What difference can art make, anyway?” Finally near the end of the novel this inner conflict almost seems resolved as Helene states,on pg 173,” Once, I prove myself as an artist, as a lover, and as a woman-events will be remembered differently, the fractured landscapes of my life will reveal their significance and everything will come together in a meaningful whole.”

I found Helene’s journey to be similar to that of a Mythical Greek Hero of Greek Tragedy or Comedy. It is a Everyman’s saga. It is a Hero’s journey, but mostly it is an Artist’s journey. It begs of the Reader, the question of Why Art? And then the only natural evolution of this question becomes why not Art?

The Author is very successful in drawing the reader in to that place of mind and heart young persons experience in their early 20’s. The only criticism, I could possible have is in a few seldom places there is an undercurrent of teen angst-but that is very truthful to that stage of young adulthood too.
Overall, I found this to be a wonderful coming of age tale that I could really relate too. Ms.Lane is a very talented storyteller. I highly suggest this book to anyone with a passion for life and a passion for art.

For the love of Animals…

For the Love of Animals,
all kinds
the Big, the Small, the Fat
or Skinny
the ones who are Tall.

All the critters
and creatures
who bless me
daily with their loving
gentle presence.

I cannot imagine my
Life without
my fur-friends.

They give, give, give
so much of themselves
without asking much from us-
some food, some water
a belly tummy rub
or a scratch behind the ears.

For the Love of Animals
is one thing I am
deeply most grateful.
They understand beyond our words.
They understand our hearts
without us trying to explain.

They bear a simple wisdom and
a lovely loyal kindness.

They bear a simple wisdom
and a lovely loyal kindness.

They simply Love Us.
For the Love of Animals,
all kinds
the Big, the Small, the Fat
or Skinny
the ones who are Tall.

All the critters
and creatures
who bless me
daily with their loving
gentle presence.

I cannot imagine my
Life without
my fur-friends.




Far Sighted…

Just shy of a month away from my 40th Birthday,
Now for the first time in my life I need to wear reading glasses.
I have been told what I have is very common. Basically I am far sighted-which means if somethings far away I can see it fine. But if I choose to read a book-I suddenly need to hold it at least an arms length away or all the words are blurry.

The reason, I choose to blog about this is I have received three different promotional books since Feb courtesy of Good Reads. com and the participating Authors. As a fellow Author, I really respect getting a book for free but what’s more is I do highly intend to give these authors an objective yet fair review. I am deeply sorry it is taking me so long to get back to them. I only picked up these new specs on Weds 4/23/14-basically yesterday.

These are the books I am trying to read A/S/A/P.
1.”Manana Starts Today, Affirmations to Jump start Your Heart, Mind, and Soul.” by Sandra Elaine Scott. Her book may take the longest as I am trying to read just one affirmation per day-currently I am on page 43 but there are 111 pages. I’m sure I could try to plow straight through it but that does not seem how the Author intends it to be read. To be fair I would rather read one excerpt a day and ponder its deeper meaning. So far however, I am very impressed with this book and finding it very enjoyable.

2.”The God of my Art.” by Sarah Lane. This is a fictional novel. I am trying to give it as much attention as possible.I am on page 97 of 212 pages. It seems to be an interesting coming of age tale. I look forward to finishing and writing a review. Especially as a former college Fine Arts painting student there is much I can relate to so far on many levels.

3. “Animal Madness How Anxious Dogs, Compulsive Parrots, and Elephants in Recovery help us to Understand Ourselves.” by Laurel Braitman. This is an early advanced edition I won from the publisher. Its not set to be released until June 10, 2014. I am on page 38 and there are 362 pages. It is a very fascinating book so far, although in some spots it is technical enough to remind me of Graduate school and the many textbooks I had to read. Therefore it may took me slower to read than what I prefer just to make sure I understand the depth of what she is saying.

Being somebody with bipolar disorder, my attention span is not always as broad or long lasting as I would prefer. This is my own personal defect-not anything to do with the Authors of these wonderful books!


The Seedling

The Seedling by Emily Sturgill

Searching for
something slippery
something slight of hand.

Seeking for
a sense of recovery,
something that’s in
high demand.

Searching for a way,
to enhance
each and everyday.

With a leap of Faith,
and the feel of
your fingers in my hand,
together we move mountains,
but alone

we are stuck in the sand.

Seeking your familiar heartbeat
the look of your wise soul
finding Love between Us-

It is the one thing,
the only thing
I can count on to
Flourish and Grow.

(for Dean.)

Monday Madness

Monday Madness-4/21/14

Sorrow tastes
like too many cigarettes
ash and bitterness.
Sadness eats a dessert of

Depression lingers
like unpainted
brush strokes
onto the canvas
of my inner mind.

It feels like:
running backwards,
up a hill-
or standing
complete and utterly
very still-
(going nowhere fast.)

Or this:
It feels like sinking
into quicksand
in the middle of a
snake pit.

Sorrow tastes
like too many cigarettes
ash and bitterness.
Sadness eats a dessert of

Stumbling Blocks

Stumbling blocks-4/21/14

Writers block
Artist Block
my imagination is clogged,
and I need some help.

I need a push.
I need a shove-
to get all

of the blockages

I wanna be-
like the stream.

I wanna be-
flowing rich in purpose
instead of

Lost in thought.

Writers block.
Artists block.

I need a push.
I need a shove-
to get it all out.

The Anchor

The Anchor-4/11/14

If feelings were anchors
around my feet and legs
would I sink or swim?

If feelings were anchors
around my feet
would I rock steady in a harbor
or sea?

Or would all my feelings
become shark-like
and swim up
to devour me?

I struggle to remain upright
despite crashing waves.
Motionless I float upon my back
the blue blue blue
of the sea
it meets the sky.

And I wonder who is bluer
the sea, the sky or I?