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My Volume Two of “Art! Art! Art! Before Words.” by Emily Sturgill (Jan 2014) will be available starting tomorrow August 6-August 10th as a free kindle download.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Delight of Imagery and Creativity…., May 12, 2014
By Michel Short “missmickeesunshine” (Seattle, WA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.: Volume Two (Art, Art, Art! Before words. Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”.. William Shakespeare

If “Art, Art, Art Before Words: Volume Two” was an oversized hardback, it would be considered a “coffee table book”. This slim striking colorful volume is a delight to the senses! With only one poem, a condensed autobiography, and over 40 images this is a very quick read; this chapbook continues where “Art, Art, Art Before Words: Volume One” left off.

Artist/poetess Emily Sturgill recalls her experience of attending college and completing her education with a serious mental illness (SMI). A brief chronological outline shows her milestones and academic accomplishments. With her husband Dean encouraging her, she graduated with a masters of education in art education and therapy from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. in 2012. Ms. Sturgill lives in the suburbs outside Detroit with her husband and pets.

The poem: “Painting With Fire” is a joyful expression of creativity, beginning with a hearts desire. The rotation of the nightfall, shooting stars, passion and love, the dawn inviting a new day. Shakespeare is quoted from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Hamlet’.

Some of the artworks are from Ms. Sturgill’s earliest college days (1996) to more recent times. My favorites include:
Detroit Landscape: photography.. 2002 ~ Building #3: photography.. 2002 ~ Church: photography.. 2002 ~ Dream: drawing/mixed media.. 1999 ~ Anger: pen/ink drawing.. 1996 ~ Funky Town: photography.. 2002 ~ Goddess: photography/montage.. 2002 ~ Self Portrait: photography/mixed media.. 2002 ~ Flat Planet June: photography/montage.. 2002 ~ Digital Goddess Montage: photography.. 2002 ~ Self Portraits: webcam.. 2014.

Many thanks, and much appreciation to Emily Sturgill for the paperback edition to this beautiful chapbook. I recommend viewing these artist chapbooks on color e-readers for better clarity of the images.

5.0 out of 5 stars I really enjoy Ms. Sturgill’s artwork, July 21, 2014
By socrates – See all my reviews
This review is from: Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.: Volume Two (Art, Art, Art! Before words. Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
I really enjoy Ms. Sturgill’s artwork. She is a gifted writer as well and I enjoy her poetry books tremendously but it is also nice to view her personal art, some of which she shares in this book. I think readers will enjoy the art and text. I’m a fan of Ms. Sturgill’s work. I was pleased to have a careful look at Art, Art Art!!! Before Words. I recommend it to other readers, particularly art fans.

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BookCoverPreview Art Art Art before words volume 2 paperback 2014
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Something new…

I made some artwork after writing last nights poem called “Landslide.”

CAM00335  I am also working on another visual journal.CAM00340 CAM00337This a picture of the cover-although the lighting was bad. The words say”Make more art.”

I’m uncertain if I can keep the inspiration rolling today. It often comes out in waves or shoots out like mini bolts of lightening. My Muse is often not all there-she is transparent like scotch tape almost invisible-but yet again she appears. I would love to throw together a new book of artwork and poetry-another chapbook. The holidays are keeping me busy, as well as my Good Reads Giveaways. I have my last giveaways of december to mail out tomorrow. Congrats to the 6 winners! Hopefully the books will get to you soon.

I also have a couple art therapy workshops scheduled for the second week in Jan. I will post about those soon. In the meantime, I am going to try to make more art and maybe more poetry….if i can catch up with my Muse and grab her by the hair or the tail! LOL. Creativity is such a mystery. Sometimes it comes very easily other times it is very late to the party or does not show up at all…we shall see!!

Landslide by Emily Sturgill

Landslide 1/21/13

Its like a landslide,

of a troubled mind.

Is like a mudslide, a pent up hurricane, a torrent

of icy rain-this,this ,this,-Feeling.

A feeling buried so deep inside-

that I must-I must-I have to try.

I gotta make something-something-something-

all brand new.

A piece of art, or a slice of poetry, some sorta collage

something rich and vast,

in personal history.

I gotta, gotta, gotta-make some art-

if its the last thing I do. Its desperate this feeling, this urge,

to create something, anything,at all-

to reach into the void

and create something out of nothing-no,

nothing at all.

i must make some art.

I must do it quick-

before my mind has time-

to flip that switch,

and the creativity leaves me-like

in a landslide-it will disappear quick,

I must make something, something all brand new,

something wounderous and pretty-

or monsterious and ugly-it does not matter.

All the art is built up deep inside,

it needs to come out.

A piece of art, or a slice of poetry, some sorta collage

something rich and vast,

in personal history.

I gotta, gotta, gotta-make some art-

if its the last thing I do. Its desperate this feeling, this urge,

to create something, anything,at all-

to reach into the void.

CAM00347 My basement Art Studio.CAM00342 CAM00344Those are Artists helpers #1 and #2.

CAM00335 16x 20, mixed media on canvas, Body & Soul, by Emily Sturgill, 2013.


Art- a crazy sort of creative day-old art, ideas, jump-start:

IMAG0915 (1)IMAG0793CAM00241



Old Art Work-

A jump-start head-first

into a fist-full of poetry.Old imagery haunts me:

What was i thinking/doing/being/ or saying….?

When I made A or B or C?

The first photo is from 2013, its a visual art journal i have

been working on. Picture no. 2 is an old watercolor from 2011.

Picture no. 3 is very old anywhere from 1996-99? It’s hard

to really recall. Its still one of my favorites,

despite being on cracked and broken stretcher bars-

if it were rectangular or square,

I could try to replace the stretcher bars-

I do know how to stretch canvas,

because Thankfully one of my old Oil painting

professors felt this was knowledge we needed.

However since this painting is Oval-not too sure how to fix it?

I’m thinking duct tape and lots of it….ugh.

Looking at old art,

it rests my heart,

makes it move easy.

Something about the

resurfacing of old paintings…

i just do  not know,

how to describe,

it’s akin to magick.



Simplicity part 2-dedicated to my friend Erin D.

Picture 161Picture 158Picture 160


2 parts bitter-sweet vinegar

2 parts harmony

one dash of Hope

one sprinkling of Faith,

one Tablespoon full of miracles.

1/2 stick of helplessness melted but not burnt brown.

1/4 cup memories

16 oz of pure, unstrained Love

1 graham pie crust of sorrows

1 can of heavy-whipping cream

2 tbs allspice, 2 tbs cloves, 4 tbs fresh honesty

one classic ceasar salad of velvet covered sadness

one case of dark irish beer…

blend with one bag of Catholic Guilt,

add two whole egg-yolks

add 7 hail-marys and one quart of confessions.

Blend with a twist of hard scotch whiskey, empathy as a orange peel, a cherry

with-out its stem, some liquid courage, one King James version of

The Holy Bible.

Some false idols/some fake friends/those who will swear by you/

yet they disappear in the end?

I trust nobody who says to me, that they will “pray for me,”

I wish i were not a bitch like that, but i totally am-such a bitch.

I am not going to offend them by declining their pray offers-

but i am not going to depend on them for this junk.

I usually merely responded with Thank you-or thank you very much-whatever.

Prayers are both sweet and nice-

if they are done right.

But true friends do more than have private jesus jams/

talks on your behalf.

True friends know when you are sad, And sense when you need to have a small

phone-call chat. true friends listen and practice the,

Fine Art of Allowance-

meaning they allow you to be sad.

They do not try to cram you into a shoebox

with too much duct tape,

and scrawl the word “Happy”

onto your head-in order to make themselves feel better.

Real friends want you to feel better,

but when you get around to it.

Real friends allow you,

to simply FEEL.

They allow you to be-

They allow you to grieve and to suffer.

They realize there is no universal time clock on

one feeling verses another.

I wrote this out for a friend of mine.

Her mane is Erin-we kinda grew up together.

Anyways, her mother just recently passed away due to Cancer,

this past march on st.patricks day.

Erin and her twin Bridget are both my friends.

I did not realize how huge their family is until very recently,

Anyways yesterday, Erin was having a bad day,

and she shared with her fb friends she really missed her mother.

I was completely floored with all the useless facebook comment messages

she was getting. There were just so fake to me.

So i commented myself-and i was not trying to impress facebook-or Erin or anybody else.

I just wished to say something that could comfort Erin and be

totally completely “real” and “honest” with her.

I was just being me, I was just being emily.

She wrote me later, in a private facebook message, Thank you so much , you knew just how I was feeling and how much my messages helped her.

That really made my evening last night.

It is a good feeling to be a good friend to somebody you forever care for,

cherish and sisterly love.

True friendships among women are not always,

easy to find or to maintain.

But once I’ve formed a friendship bond-

with another female- I keep those friends

out and treasure them immensely.

It really takes a whole pile of damages for me,

to no longer consider a woman my friend.

Once a friend, always a friend, at least that is where

my loyalties take me. So many beautiful feminine friends:

Each is like a precious gem or a secret treasure to me.

I LOVE my friends-all of them.

even the cob-webbed covered ancient ones,

those are kind of crunchy

but i just love them all the more-for it!!!!

Abstract Anything Anyone?

Abstraction is quite random.

It drips from my left-side faucet,

downwards to the bottom of my sink

leaving specks of momentary illusion,

colored in acrylic paint.

Warming up with color abstract 1 Fall 2013            Abstraction is quite Random.

All it takes is a bare spark, to ignite a match,

once lit, the expression pours itself out.

On top a canvas, a memory sits still.

It’s introspective, personal, yet up for grabs for anything, anybody’s interpretation.

The movement, the magic, the moment dripping in paint.

Anyone could create, such a simple visual feast.

After-all, Abstraction is quite Random.

Warming up with color abstract 2 Fall 2013         Both Paintings are acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14, by Emily H. Sturgill, 2013 All rights reserved.


Seeking inspiration:

Seeking inspiration, I stumble among

my large book collection.

I pick one up-flip through a few pages- and find this:

I take the pieces of my brokenness and I create something new and meaningful. I offer this wisdom to others. Now I understand that my very brokenness is my connection to the unbroken whole.”

(Straub.Gail.(2001) Circle of Compassion-Meditations for Caring-for self and for the world. page 86. Journey Editions: Boston:MA.)

I ponder Ms. Straub’s meditation. It seems to me that in so many places, I
struggle with my brokenness. I stitch it together these shards of fragile self, like shards of broken glass.

I weave my brokenness into a sweater. I keep myself warm for more stormy weather.

How can I use my scars to heal myself?

How can I use my scars to heal others?

Is empathy always a two-bladed sword-if I feel for you, for your pain, am I also stabbing myself,

at least a small bit in my big and wounded heart?

And yet, I cannot stop it.

This endless sea of empathy.

I want to help everybody I meet.

I want to be useful, and unique.

I want to be the one who bandages others, comforts them, encourages them.

Yet, I wondered how can I reach outwards with my heart,

giving of myself-while I still bleed of emotions from time to time?

Is it right? Is it practical? Can I sacrifice my sorrows-just to give to,

someone else, a blessed and happy tomorrow?


An extraordinary day

Today is a day unlike any other.

I am going to give an Artist Talk,

this evening-on what it means

to recover, from mental illness.


How art has helped me,

lead my way through darken tunnels,

and skies of Gray.


I might briefly, mention the Muse

of Poetry and all that she means to me.

Both the poems and the artwork,

help to sustain me.


They are in infinite ways

a course of my own-self-therapy.

It is hard to explain in words,

yet words will do.

The importance of self-expression,

in grasping slender shards of



To take it altogether,

the art and the poetry,

to show where I’ve sewn it altogether,

the seams stitched tightly-

to hold me together

in an Epiphany of normalcy…


how do I sum up

something which contains

my entire soul,

so completely?

Last day to RSVP

Art Therapy Flyer August 1 2013 Falling to pieces by EHCato 1999 Last Day to RSVP For Artist Talk, hosted by me,Emily Sturgill. This will be a presentation based on real-life experiences living with mental illness. I have been living with bipolar disorder/manic-depression for just over 2 decades. I do not know everything about coping but I do know what’s helped me. Today is the last day to sign up. The talk is on Thursday August 1st in Pontiac MI.

I am not too sure if you know anybody who would be interested, but I am giving an Artist Talk on Recovery in Mental Health through the use of art-making. It is on August 1, 2013 at The Art Experience, 175 S. Saginaw Ste #109, Pontiac Mi from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. There will be a personal presentation, followed by an Watercolor Resist Art Demo then a watercolor project for guests. Tickets are $20 per person and include supplies. Today is the last day to register. I just thought I would let you know in case you knew of anyone. I am attaching a flyer. I am hosting the event. People can register at : http://www.theartexperience.org/2013_Summer_ScheduleofClasses.html

Sorry for such short notice.

Picture 113 copy Art photos 1.17.13 024 IMG_20121228_161438 imaginary landscape print on linen paper WATERMARKED