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Fright on a Friday Night:

I got a phone call

early today to set up,

yet another job interview.

Most would feel excitement,

eagerness like the way the dog pulls,

on his leash during a fun walk outside

on a fall day.

I do not.

I am scared to get my hopes up.

I have had many interview opportunities,

yet barely any job prospects,

to the point,

I must reflect,

I somehow interview badly.

So instead of excitement,

or eagerness, it is this fear

that grabs me.

It’s a bit like stage-fright.

It’s like walking a tightrope without/

a safety-net/

and who will-?

catch me if I fall again?

Because I just might, stumble, stutter, fall

face-forward into this Stage-fright.

Falling, failing all over again..

covering myself with my “Ums”

as the guns go off/

as questions get fired at me/

rapid quick/

will I just look like another

dimwit? Or worse yet,

will I be the babbling brook/

that never ceases to quit, its flow, spewing

out irrelevant data, due to a nervous

bipolar mouth twitch?

Is there a way to steady myself,

against more rejection/

as I tell myself I want to work

again-more than anything.

Fright Falls

onto my Friday night.

Nervous kinetic Energy

Nervous Kinetic Enegry,

spirals out of the life of me.

Once had nerves of steel,

but now long gone-

so damn nervous, tell me this time-

what did I do or say wrong?


A Lady called me today.

Straight out of the big blue.

A person-a somebody-I didn’t knew.

She was asking about a job application I made-

nearly seven weeks ago…


She was pop-quizzing me,

as if I would recall the exact details

of the job or company.


I have been applying to so many…

its easy to lose track

its easy to lose track fast.


She almost scheduled the interview with me,

but something made her pause to say,

can i give you a call back???


I am left holding the bag,

wondering if I blew the whole thing already,

or if she will in fact call back,


Gosh, I hope so…I am sitting on pins and needles.

Way too much kinetic energy-

with no-place, to go.


I just know, that by now,

its high time, that I finally get a job.

I really need a job Now, not yesterday

nor tomorrow, but right away

in the present moment,

in the blink of an eye

and the wink of my tongue.


I need me some gluing

so I do not become

completely unraveled-

completely undone.