Ode to Red

Ode to Red-

the color of passion
the color of heat
the color of paint on my
bedroom walls.

the color of Apples
the color of lipstick
the color of pain.

the color of new womanhood
the color of nail polish
the color of the fastest car
on the block.

Red is the color
of Anger
of Vanity
of Love
of Lust
of Sex

and all the rest.

Red is
the color of a new day
beginning to dawning.

Red is the color
of rubies
of jewels
of revenge
of Power

of kissing

but most of all,
Red is the color of
my beating heart
whenever it is missing

Red is the color of Birth.
and Red is:

the color of passion
the color of heat
the color of paint on my
bedroom walls.

the color of Apples
the color of lipstick
the color of pain.

the color of new womanhood
the color of nail polish
the color of the fastest car
on the block.

but most of all,
Red is the color of
my beating heart
whenever it is missing

Red is the color of Birth.
Each day that we awaken,
we are born anew.
we are struggling
with only
the re-birthing process

like caterpillar to butterfly
Each day we change and become
something re-born, something mighty, something
as large and lonely
as Hope.

Each day we shed our sins
we shed our snakeskins
and begin again with the coming

and the color Red.

but most of all,
Red is the color of
my beating heart
whenever it is missing


Blessings-Friday May 9, 2014
Emily Sturgill

small precious gemstones,
filled with flowers of forget me nots
and overlooked,
among the overwrought dressings, of my mind.

are the biggest obvious thing,
which stands between
me and oblivion.

My mind concocts
all the easier blooms-first.
The green buds of negativity
and the “have-nots.”
The harbingers of doom.

instead of simply searching for
the shiny sweet and happy spot.

Counting them up,
the blessings I’ve got.

It really is an easy
as 1,2, 3…
If you seek them out.

they always whisper to you,
they never scream nor shout.

but whats really important
is the notion-
simple riddle as this is:

Never take a blessing for granted
because really, it does matter
it’s all we got.

Help Wanted: Poets please apply…

I am just tumbling the idea of a collection of poetry of some of my own poems, but also publishing some poetry of some of my http://www.wordpress.com friends. I am unsure of how to go about doing such an anthology? Especially as far as earning any profits…To be fair, I am not looking to cash in on anybody elses’s talents. Instead I like the idea of several of us poets coming together and creating a self published anthology of poetry MORE for self-expression and Self-exposure, publicity if you will….It’s just an idea in the rough.

But I am thinking maybe X amount of poets & 3 poems each + a short auto-bio of each poet and links to other published works or links to poets blog or website…

If this idea appeals to anybody please send me a sample poem and an email introduction to:

If I edited this type of book for kindle I would probably price it very low like .99 cents for the ebook.
I’m not too sure if this even interests anybody? But I know some of the poets i follow here have yet to be published. Perhaps being included in an anthology would give them the well needed push to self publish their own stuff.

My proposals is simple-email me a single poem and the first 20 poet’s poems I receive will be asked to be part of this collection. Deadline is whenever I receive 20 entry emails or let’s say the Summer Solstice June 21st Midnight EST. If you are selected-via-I receive 20 poems-I will email those poets ASAP and you will need to submit just 2 more poems and a short auto-bio poet statement.

Well then, let see if there are any fishes biting? Let the Games begin!!

New Release Finally Available….Artist Chapbook!

My final and second Volume of My Artist Chapbook has just been released on the kindle today.
It is part of the “Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.” Series, it is the second and final Volume.
To purchase a kindle copy please go here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J1QNLYQ

It should also be available as a paperback, soon, I expect in the next few days.

The journey towards forgiveness

I do not usually post blog-style confesionals. I’m much more of a poet, than anything else. In fact in addition to my poetry online, I have been keeping multiple journals at home and handwritten. One is more private confessional journal type enteries and the other is mostly poems, ideas, and sometimes tarot readings I give myself or lists of things to do or lists of music playlists.

HERE…is mostly just where I share poems, unless I am all fired up. Today, I am all fired up and I think its vital to share because it might help others to move forward.

I am all fired up about the notion of forgiveness. In theory, I do believe it is better to forgive even if not forget or forgive ANd forget-whatever works best for you. But in practice I find this to be a slippery slope. i struggle very much on how to forgive, when to forgive and how to let go. Honestly, I hold horrible grudges. And they are horrible in truth because mostly they only serve to hurt me-myself-nobody else.

All that angry righteous high horse b.s. I desperately hold onto-a sense of who iswrong and who is right? Honestly, it does not serve me much any longer-in fact it wears me down, makes me feel guilty and mad, like an angry hornet shook lose from its nest.

so today, I was with my hubby and we were at the bookstore out of nowhere i spotted like the ideal book and he bought it for me with a couple other items. This book is called, “The forgiveness formula: how to let go of your pain and move on with Life.” It was on sale at barnes and nobles-only$6.98-hardcover-by author Kathleen Griffin. @2004.

I am only on pg 16 so far but this book is exactly what i needed to hear at this time. i am in fact blown away.I am just writing about this because forgiveness can be ajourney-a pathwy-towards feeling lighter-less burdened. And in my heart, i realize it is not an easy thing to forgive. That more folks than just myself struggle with it. Holding onto the past so tightly it only distorts your vision of the present moment and it poisons the well of your future happiness. This seems true to me.

Someday I really hope I can learn to forgive, hopefully sooner than later because all this angry i hold deep down inside-it only strangles me-making it harder to breathe making it harder to reign into my sanity. I realize i am not the only sufferer out there but by refusing to allow forgiveness its like picking a scab, bruised and bleeding-the wound will not heal. I know I will not heal either. By the way, I highly reccommend her book-so far its very good.

Tip-toe through the daisies

It’s cold here.

So then, I close my eyes

and I imagine things.

I imagine that I

can tip-toe through the daisies

which lie buried under deep snow

I imagine them bloom, and-

then I imagine them grow

into a sea

of devastation

a sea of utter raw beauty-

you would agree,

if you could just, only close your eyes

and tip-toe through the daisies-

C’mon old man winter,

I am ready for you to stop following me.

I am ready for a sea full of daisies

and the beauty they may bring

a rarity called


Must be some good karma…

I got in the mail today a home-made Christmas Card from an ol’ girlfriend from high school today.

It was both surprising and sweet. So thank you Erin! Another friend, a few days ago surprised me by asking for my address.

She is a facebook art therapy friend that I have. We have never met in real life but I feel as though I know her through her wonderful blog and facebook postings! She wanted to send me a “artful christmas gift.” That really made my day. So thank you very much Gretchen Miller-I will be awaiting its arrival with much gratitude.

Lastly, I have spent the past month-well- December-having GiveAways of my poetry and artist chapbooks on the website Good Reads. Well today I was notified that I am a winner in somebody elses give away-So I will be getting a new poetry book soon-I am thrilled with that-cannot wait!! It always interests me to read how other poets approach poetry. It is called “Dreams like Mine.” by Leesa Abbott-


A bunch of people did enter so I feel very lucky to be one of the winners. Surprisingly, I am starting to feel more “in the Christmas Spirit.” i usually stick with only mostly poetry postings on my blog here-but today I just felt like sharing some of the little things that have happened lately which make me feel so happy and so blessed. I will return to poetry soon enough-but in the meantime-best wishes and Merry Christmas OR happy holidays to everybody. I hope your holidays are as joyous as mine.

I also got a very nice gift from my Sister in Law Tammy-she always picks out nice presents!

Here is a pic: CAM00358 We got other gifts earlier this month too-from my sister and brother in law-and my Father and Step-Mother. All wonderful things. Tomorrow will be a bigger day of celebration around here! Which means more family will come by, which for me is one of the best parts! I will get to see my brother too, which is always awesome. My hubby and I are very lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends.


Peace & Blessings, Emily