Must be some good karma…

I got in the mail today a home-made Christmas Card from an ol’ girlfriend from high school today.

It was both surprising and sweet. So thank you Erin! Another friend, a few days ago surprised me by asking for my address.

She is a facebook art therapy friend that I have. We have never met in real life but I feel as though I know her through her wonderful blog and facebook postings! She wanted to send me a “artful christmas gift.” That really made my day. So thank you very much Gretchen Miller-I will be awaiting its arrival with much gratitude.

Lastly, I have spent the past month-well- December-having GiveAways of my poetry and artist chapbooks on the website Good Reads. Well today I was notified that I am a winner in somebody elses give away-So I will be getting a new poetry book soon-I am thrilled with that-cannot wait!! It always interests me to read how other poets approach poetry. It is called “Dreams like Mine.” by Leesa Abbott-

A bunch of people did enter so I feel very lucky to be one of the winners. Surprisingly, I am starting to feel more “in the Christmas Spirit.” i usually stick with only mostly poetry postings on my blog here-but today I just felt like sharing some of the little things that have happened lately which make me feel so happy and so blessed. I will return to poetry soon enough-but in the meantime-best wishes and Merry Christmas OR happy holidays to everybody. I hope your holidays are as joyous as mine.

I also got a very nice gift from my Sister in Law Tammy-she always picks out nice presents!

Here is a pic: CAM00358 We got other gifts earlier this month too-from my sister and brother in law-and my Father and Step-Mother. All wonderful things. Tomorrow will be a bigger day of celebration around here! Which means more family will come by, which for me is one of the best parts! I will get to see my brother too, which is always awesome. My hubby and I are very lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends.


Peace & Blessings, Emily

New Facebook page for Sex in the kitchen Sink

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Simplicity part 2-dedicated to my friend Erin D.

Picture 161Picture 158Picture 160


2 parts bitter-sweet vinegar

2 parts harmony

one dash of Hope

one sprinkling of Faith,

one Tablespoon full of miracles.

1/2 stick of helplessness melted but not burnt brown.

1/4 cup memories

16 oz of pure, unstrained Love

1 graham pie crust of sorrows

1 can of heavy-whipping cream

2 tbs allspice, 2 tbs cloves, 4 tbs fresh honesty

one classic ceasar salad of velvet covered sadness

one case of dark irish beer…

blend with one bag of Catholic Guilt,

add two whole egg-yolks

add 7 hail-marys and one quart of confessions.

Blend with a twist of hard scotch whiskey, empathy as a orange peel, a cherry

with-out its stem, some liquid courage, one King James version of

The Holy Bible.

Some false idols/some fake friends/those who will swear by you/

yet they disappear in the end?

I trust nobody who says to me, that they will “pray for me,”

I wish i were not a bitch like that, but i totally am-such a bitch.

I am not going to offend them by declining their pray offers-

but i am not going to depend on them for this junk.

I usually merely responded with Thank you-or thank you very much-whatever.

Prayers are both sweet and nice-

if they are done right.

But true friends do more than have private jesus jams/

talks on your behalf.

True friends know when you are sad, And sense when you need to have a small

phone-call chat. true friends listen and practice the,

Fine Art of Allowance-

meaning they allow you to be sad.

They do not try to cram you into a shoebox

with too much duct tape,

and scrawl the word “Happy”

onto your head-in order to make themselves feel better.

Real friends want you to feel better,

but when you get around to it.

Real friends allow you,

to simply FEEL.

They allow you to be-

They allow you to grieve and to suffer.

They realize there is no universal time clock on

one feeling verses another.

I wrote this out for a friend of mine.

Her mane is Erin-we kinda grew up together.

Anyways, her mother just recently passed away due to Cancer,

this past march on st.patricks day.

Erin and her twin Bridget are both my friends.

I did not realize how huge their family is until very recently,

Anyways yesterday, Erin was having a bad day,

and she shared with her fb friends she really missed her mother.

I was completely floored with all the useless facebook comment messages

she was getting. There were just so fake to me.

So i commented myself-and i was not trying to impress facebook-or Erin or anybody else.

I just wished to say something that could comfort Erin and be

totally completely “real” and “honest” with her.

I was just being me, I was just being emily.

She wrote me later, in a private facebook message, Thank you so much , you knew just how I was feeling and how much my messages helped her.

That really made my evening last night.

It is a good feeling to be a good friend to somebody you forever care for,

cherish and sisterly love.

True friendships among women are not always,

easy to find or to maintain.

But once I’ve formed a friendship bond-

with another female- I keep those friends

out and treasure them immensely.

It really takes a whole pile of damages for me,

to no longer consider a woman my friend.

Once a friend, always a friend, at least that is where

my loyalties take me. So many beautiful feminine friends:

Each is like a precious gem or a secret treasure to me.

I LOVE my friends-all of them.

even the cob-webbed covered ancient ones,

those are kind of crunchy

but i just love them all the more-for it!!!!

Hope, is the thing with feathers.

image012     Hope is the thing with feathers, Love is the thing which flies.  

I think I may have found my hope again.I made the above collage for a friend of mine and her husband because they helped my husband and myself when we were in a rough patch. It happened nearly 2 years ago. I found out I was pregnant at the end of Oct 2011. I was in shock because we have infertility issues. Yet we both really wanted a family. Only 11 days later, I discovered I was having a natural complete miscarriage. It was devastating. To make matters worse the pain was running havoc on my bipolar disorder and sleep cycles. On top of everything my husband was very sick with Bronchitis and we did not have the extra money to cover a doctors co-pay. I was terrified he might get pneumonia. I asked some friends for help-emailed a huge bunch. These two people offered to help me immediately and a second friend ask soon after if I was still in need? I was not but it meant so much for her to offer and I was very grateful to my first friend and her husband for helping. I just bring this up because I was thinking about this Today. Thinking about the nature of Hope. Especially, with Congress in a deadlock over funding for “Obama-Care.” There is much passion on both sides of this issue. However, it seems very unfair to me that the Republicans are causing a government shutdown-just so more persons do not have equal access to health coverage. This is affecting Government employees who are not receiving their regular paychecks. So it is hurting those families and those persons- and they want to derail a Government Health Bill design to help people most vulnerable? I just think of the spot I was in two years ago-even with health insurance and Very Good Health Insurance-we could not afford a co-pay without asking some friends for help. I cannot imagine trying to get by with no coverage at all. Even if you feel you do not need it what if an accident happens or you get very ill, suddenly? Why do people always assume it will never happen to them?

I am sure not everybody with agree with me. And that’s okay-I do not expect to change minds. Politics is something I normally do not say much on.

But today when I was thinking of Hope, and all the many blessings in my Life-I was reminded of this story and the art piece that I made. I am not sure if sharing it is the best or worst idea. Please take it as you will, as a small grain of salt or sand. But one last thing, before you trash our President and his health care plan, consider this, How would you feel if it were your loved one who was sick and they could not afford healthcare? What if it were you? That’s the only point I am trying to make. I am very sorry if I offended anyone with my crazy liberal rantings.