About Me: 12/02/14

I am a 40yr old, W Female married, heavily-tattooed, i am a writer, i am an Artist, a painter, a Poet, an Animal Lover, and also occasionally the lunatic running the asylum.

I am also wiccan, interested in zen. I am a gypsy, a fortune teller, a music lover, a bibliophile and underemployed. I suffer from a severe case of right-wing politics, a bleeding-heart liberal, with a feminist bent. I say the first or second thing that ever pops into my head-without T-H-I-N-K_ing first.Snapshot_20141127 forShare (1) Snapshot_20141101

I also believe that the power of making Art heals many things, if not everything, it will at least improve your mood. I consider many things to be creating art: painting,drawing,collage,sculpture,found object creations, photography, graffati, interior design, playing music, like piano, guitar ect., writing creatively, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, spoken word, poetry-slams, even talking a walk in nature can be art. i forgot performance art, opps sorry. I love many many creative things.

I started this blog,”Sex in the kitchen Sink.” in November 2012. In the past 2 years since, I have self-published 19-20 books off of Amazon.com’s Kindle Direct Select Publishing program. Many of my publications have been poetry and artist chapbooks, but I have also published: one memoir, two artist chapbooks and edited one poetry Anthology with the hard work of 19 other poets combined.(“Help Wanted: Poets please apply.” A poetry Anthology edited by Emily Sturgill, 2014. It is currently available off kindle for a mere 99 cents.) I am currently attempting to organize a second Anthology to be released in 2015, called “Dredging up Demeter: An autumn Anthology.” Edited by Emily Sturgill.

In the past two years, I have learned very much from the responses and comments my readers leave me. I love and welcome feedback of any sort. I feel by writing poetry more and more, the more interactive life becomes. It is not only essential for me personally to write poetry but also to read other poets work. My Anthologies were in fact designed for other poets who have not had the experience of being published before or poets who wished to gain more exposure. I really recall what it was like prior to my first publication & how scary it all seemed. Now that I have some experience of learning the ropes, I long to share that with other poets who might be still struggling to get published or find the courage to self publish.

Read my blog, if you dare, cause i call things like i see em, and my poems are not always about pretty and happy flowers….or shiny happy people either-(nods to R.E.M)

I treasure my readers and always love feedbacks either comments on my blog or authors page. If for some reason, you strangely wish to contact me i have an email strictly for this blog, no spammers please: it is

Also my Author Website is: http://sexinthekitchensink.wix.com/books-by-emily
and also; http://www.amazon.com/author/emilysturgill

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