Poetry & Artist Chapbooks by Emily Sturgill

Books by Emily H. Sturgill, B.F.A, M.Ed

Sex in the kitchen Sink: Poetry and Art,(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
On the Brink : Letters to the madness +poems & pictures, Volume One of the Ranting and Ravings series.(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
On the Brink: Letters, poems & pictures to the Madness, Volume Two. (2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Mythology seen through Metaphor: word salad 1.5.(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Dreamcatcher and other poems.(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Butterfly rimmed eyeglasses and the trouble with Tuesday.(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Lavender Surprise: Poems and Artwork.(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Memoirs Recalled Madness: a personal account of living with manic-depressive illness.(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Once I was the Rain.(2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Art before Words. Volume One of the Art, Art, Art!! Before words 2-part series. by Emily H. Sturgill (2013)
Spirals of Song. (2013) by Emily H. Sturgill
Yesterday’s Flowers and Other Things. Poetry and Artwork. (2014) by Emily H. Sturgill
Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words, Volume Two.(2014) by Emily H. Sturgill
In Love with a Word: Poetry. (2014) by Emily H. Sturgill
“In Exile from Maxwell Park: poems.” By Emily Sturgill (2014)
“Help wanted: Poets please Apply. A anthology of Poetry.” (2014) Edited by Emily H. Sturgill ~This anthology showcases the works of 18 poets plus Mrs. Sturgill’s own poetry.

All of these books can be found on Emily’s Amazon.com Authors page:


They can also be ordered as paperbacks from http://www.createspace.com


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