Climate Change-

Climate Change- 1/4/2020

Climate Change
ever expanding,
ever growing,
as we sit idle
by and by.
Watching Floods
on the nightly news,
waiting on Wildfires
in countless places-
(California, The Amazon in Brazil, Bush-fires in Australia…)
cease to burn.
Watching Glaziers melt
and polar bears drown-
as the Sky Falls down.
Watching as Koalas in Australia
die and countless lives lost
or homeless and suffering.
As we ignore the Warnings
from a Generation of Youth,
these young people, they’re our future,
They demand change, we must change.

How many more Natural Disasters,
Forest fires
and Tropical Storms-

Does it take?
Our Earth is Crying Out,
to us, in a myriad
of ways.

When will her voice be enough
to convince us
of Climate Change?

Sad song

Sad Song-9/29/19

Flint Michigan
still doesn’t have clean water,
and every night on the World News
there are stories of flooding, hurricanes
and massive fires.

The Amazon is still burning
and we stand idle
as Children are protesting
Climate Change.

The ice is melting in Antarctica.
The Earth is getting hotter
but still despite Everything
there are Climate Deniers.

I don’t have the answers
but I love my Mother.
Mother Earth
She needs all of Us
The Human Race United.