Poetry Anthology Project: part two

Some of you may know, I edited a Poetry Anthology last May called,”Help Wanted: poets please apply.”It started out with a very basic idea. I wanted to help other poets publish some of their work who had never published before OR who wanted to gain free publicity for their work by joining our anthology.

After much thought I have decided to try this again but this time asking the poets to follow one or more of the following three themes. The first anthology was very loose and there was no theme. That made for a very interesting collection.However, surprisingly many of the poets did ask if there was a theme or guidelines? There really were none! This second time I thought perhaps by having a series of set themes, I could give the poets more structure and our next new Anthology could have more cohesion as a group, like more “flow.”

These are the themes:

These are the themes I am considering:
1. Autumn
2.Seasons changing-Summer into Fall OR Fall into Winter
3.Fall Holidays: Halloween, Dia de los Muertos-(Mexican Day of the dead.),and Thanksgiving
To enter one must simply submit at least one poem based on one of these themes. Submit by email just like before.
So far I have three poets from my previous anthology who are interested in doing this again: Leesa, Omavi, and Carrie.
 I am opening up the contest to other poets via my blog. Feel free to let me know if you are working on something and need more time.
Is Anybody remotely even interested in this? A second anthology project? Feedback is highly encouraged! I might even expand it to four poems per poet depending on how many responses I do get?
Also here are my title ideas, could you give feedback on which title appeals to each of you if you do decide to be part of this?
here they are:
A-” Everyman’s journey: falling into Autumn.”
B-“Everyman’s journey: Falling into winter.”
C-“Everyman’s journey: From fall to Winter.”
Each title will have the subtitle of a poetry anthology edited by Emily Sturgill.
Actually I find that I am a bit on the fence as far as titles go… here are a few others floating away in my mind-
D-“Falling into FreeVerse.”  E-“Dredging up Demeter”   OR  F-    “Songs to Samhain”
If anybody thinks they might have a better title, please share the idea with me! OR you can let me know which of these titles you lie best A-F and the majority wins. To enter this anthology, my basic rules are the same. Please email me at least one poem which follows this theme.Obviously, the three poets mentioned above-Leesa, Omavi and Carrie are already entered-they each sent a poem.The deadline to enter is by December 1st or when I reach a total of at least 20 poets. After I have all the poets entered or sooner if you wish-I will ask everyone for two-three more poems. So a total of three-four poems each.I will know how many poems per poet for sure after the deadline passes and I see how many poets are interested-if that makes sense?
Also would people want to submit bios again? I am open to this and would allow you to use the same bio or to change your bio. Basically, this is an idea in the rough.After I get the initial first  poems, I can come up with a more solid deadline for everything. I’m more than willing to open it up to new poets . You can email that to me direct at sexinthekitchensink@hotmail.com or my gmail which is: holisticartworks@gmail.com but please use Fall anthology Or New anthology in your subject line.Warming up with color abstract 2 Fall 2013 Warming up with color abstract 1 Fall 2013 IMAG0907 (1)These two paintings above were part of a series I did called “Warming up with color.” The other photo I took of a sunrise. All 3 images have little to do with a new anthology, but I was hoping to somehow inspire you. I am short on leaf art at the moment but I strongly feel leaf art would be the most appropriate! (Sorry I will work on that…) Well. Ok. Please email me a poem if this project interests you! To check out our first anthology, its a steal at just 99 cents here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Help-Wanted-please-Sturgill-Anthology-ebook/dp/B00L6O5P7C/ref=fallbacksessionReftagb_7?ie=UTF8&refRID=0ZXZ1RXSYNYA6AXY32XC