Death Song

Death Song- 10/28/19

Grief is hard
to process.

Every Loss is a Leaf
on the golden growing tree
stretching across Earth
Sky and Time,
Leaving only

Grief is hard
to process.
Healing does take time.
The dying part is never

The wounds are left
beneath your skin.
The markings are left
on the beating heart.

The memories are buried deeply
within your Soul.
But our Grief
teaches us lessons
and the ability
to let it all go.

Treading Water

Treading Water 10/28/19

Some tread with Angels.
Some tread with Gods.
Some tread with Goddesses.
Some tread with Artists.
Some walk with
Some walk with Writers.

I tread lightly.
I am treading water again.
Sinking and rising,
I tread lightly.

I walk with Poets.
I sing the unsung song.
As the Earth meets
my feet
I tread where I belong.

The Big Empty

The Big Empty- 10/29/19

There is a heaviness
inside my heart
knowing I will never
see you again.

There is a prayer
inside my heart
knowing your on
the other side.

There is a hopefulness
inside my heart
knowing you are
with my Mama now.

There is love
inside my heart
knowing you are
at peace.

But there is also
inside my heart,
for the unspoken words
the memories never created.

For all of Loss and Grief
and those moments
we will never
share again
inside my heart
there is
the Big Empty.

A empty chair
A missed goodbye
An unwritten Eulogy
A loss of my family

I will miss you
deep down
inside my heart.

Sad song

Sad Song-9/29/19

Flint Michigan
still doesn’t have clean water,
and every night on the World News
there are stories of flooding, hurricanes
and massive fires.

The Amazon is still burning
and we stand idle
as Children are protesting
Climate Change.

The ice is melting in Antarctica.
The Earth is getting hotter
but still despite Everything
there are Climate Deniers.

I don’t have the answers
but I love my Mother.
Mother Earth
She needs all of Us
The Human Race United.

Poems burning down the Sun.

Poems burning down the Sun- 9/29/19

poems don’t always
sometimes they take lots of

It begins with an image,
violet studded scenery
pandora’s box
filled with sorcery.

A tea kettle
filled to the brim
and howling to sing.

a magical forest
filled with Ancient trees

Or The Amazon Rainforest
on fire
among things you refuse
to believe.

But poems don’t always
sometimes they take
lots of time.

Old Friends

Old Friends 9/22/19

Seems like
old friends are best.
I don’t have too many
but the ones I do have
I am doubly glad
and feel so blessed.

These are the ones
you might lose touch
with from time to time

But when you pick up
that phone
time stands still
and it’s like
you never lost touch at all.

These types
of friends
are cherished and loyal
they are the ones to make you laugh
dry your tears and offer a hug.

Yes. Old friends are best.
They understand the most.
There is a strong connection
through years, age and time.

You can go days, months or years
without talking to them
but the next time you do
it’s as time stood still
and they still always
remember and knew
the real you.

Seems like
old friends are best.
I don’t have too many
but the ones I do have
I am doubly glad
and feel so blessed.


Birthday 9/16/19

It’s your birthday
and I want
to make you smile.

Anything I can do
that makes you
happy even just for
a while.

Today 9/17/19

Today is your 46th
Just another year older
yet somehow wiser.
I’ve gotten you
some nic-nacks
small gifts and things.
But I cannot find
the right words
to express
that You are the one,
I will always love best.