ignition- 1/5/2020

Ignite the flame
it sparks with a spark

glowing candle
bright within
burns to create art.

Go down deep
deep, deep, deeper still
deeply breaths
but your drowning softly
and cannot swim.

Go deeper still
Do not fear
Find the sand


learn how to

swiftly, carefully, until
you mange to flip


yes there

on your back

begin to float

you body knows how

you’ve just forgotten





Turn backwards, before the lit the flame
before you blew it out and threw yourself



we are combined of oceans within us
we each have an eternal flame
we wear the skies of stars into our hair
yet we do not bother to look up enough to notice them

our feet embraced the grass, dirt and roots
as the wind crashes into our breath.

Look to the Ancient ones, the old Gods and Goddesses of lore.
Look to your Ancestors.

Lastly look into your heart
and then light that

inner flame.

Ignite that inner flame, that speck of color or bright white light
breathe in breathe out

be one






An ignition is sometimes simply
a spark that starts a fire.


your flame


keep what’s


to yourself.


Flight- 1/4/2020

It’s just a flight of fancy
these written verses
not meant to be
heard or seen.

It’s just a forest
without any bare trees.
It’s just a flight of fancy-
tangled branches and heresy.

It’s just a Pond
without any Koi
It’s just the empty soul
without any Joy.

It’s just a January
without resolutions
these written verses
bare no solutions.

It’s just a flight of fancy.
It’s just a forest.
It’s just a pond.

the words are nothing
but a

No rhyme or reason.

No rhyme or Reason. 1/4/2020

My poems don’t always rhyme,
sometimes my words
lack the time
to frequent verse
to always rehearse.
Words can be fickle, bounce out
or they trickle,
like the beating drum
my words can cut loose,
become undone.
My poems don’t always rhyme.
Sometimes they tangle crooked
and get caught at an angle.
Sometimes, they don’t flow,
because they lack the knowledge
of the direction

of where they should go.
Words become trapped,

up in similes and metaphors

not all imagery

lacks form.

Climate Change-

Climate Change- 1/4/2020

Climate Change
ever expanding,
ever growing,
as we sit idle
by and by.
Watching Floods
on the nightly news,
waiting on Wildfires
in countless places-
(California, The Amazon in Brazil, Bush-fires in Australia…)
cease to burn.
Watching Glaziers melt
and polar bears drown-
as the Sky Falls down.
Watching as Koalas in Australia
die and countless lives lost
or homeless and suffering.
As we ignore the Warnings
from a Generation of Youth,
these young people, they’re our future,
They demand change, we must change.

How many more Natural Disasters,
Forest fires
and Tropical Storms-

Does it take?
Our Earth is Crying Out,
to us, in a myriad
of ways.

When will her voice be enough
to convince us
of Climate Change?


Sometimes- 12/3/19

I wonder
it feels like Poetry
has chosen Me?

Why couldn’t I
be something less
Something easier to
than this handful
of scrabble tiles?

this fistful of letters?
this whisper of madness?

I wonder
why it feels like Poetry
has chosen Me?

Then I remember so long ago…
I choose it instead.
Falling in love with language
instead of something

Death Song

Death Song- 10/28/19

Grief is hard
to process.

Every Loss is a Leaf
on the golden growing tree
stretching across Earth
Sky and Time,
Leaving only

Grief is hard
to process.
Healing does take time.
The dying part is never

The wounds are left
beneath your skin.
The markings are left
on the beating heart.

The memories are buried deeply
within your Soul.
But our Grief
teaches us lessons
and the ability
to let it all go.

Treading Water

Treading Water 10/28/19

Some tread with Angels.
Some tread with Gods.
Some tread with Goddesses.
Some tread with Artists.
Some walk with
Some walk with Writers.

I tread lightly.
I am treading water again.
Sinking and rising,
I tread lightly.

I walk with Poets.
I sing the unsung song.
As the Earth meets
my feet
I tread where I belong.

The Big Empty

The Big Empty- 10/29/19

There is a heaviness
inside my heart
knowing I will never
see you again.

There is a prayer
inside my heart
knowing your on
the other side.

There is a hopefulness
inside my heart
knowing you are
with my Mama now.

There is love
inside my heart
knowing you are
at peace.

But there is also
inside my heart,
for the unspoken words
the memories never created.

For all of Loss and Grief
and those moments
we will never
share again
inside my heart
there is
the Big Empty.

A empty chair
A missed goodbye
An unwritten Eulogy
A loss of my family

I will miss you
deep down
inside my heart.