Blissful- 10/28/19

I have so much
A beautiful home
food and shelter
clean drinking water
enough food to eat
a happy marriage
a handsome husband
a large loving extended family.

i have everything I wanted.
I have everything I need.
So much joy, laughter and happiness-
despite my battles with
Mental Illnesses.

I realize how very lucky
I am in this single moment.
And I am grateful
that the Universe always provides.

I say that this is good enough
and I am blissful.

A gift

A Gift- 10/28/19

You are a gift to me.
Your strength gives me
You have always led the way,
in my darkest times,
You have tried to share your light.
You are my beautiful brillant
big sister and a gift to me.

You are my younger brother
and have also been there by my side.
Your wicked humor
is wonderful
and you can always make me laugh.

You have a maturity beyond
your years. You are also a gift to me.

The three of us share
the loss now
of both parents.
But I am so lucky to have you both.
We will get past the loss and the pain
because the three of us are still


Sometimes- 12/3/19

I wonder
it feels like Poetry
has chosen Me?

Why couldn’t I
be something less
Something easier to
than this handful
of scrabble tiles?

this fistful of letters?
this whisper of madness?

I wonder
why it feels like Poetry
has chosen Me?

Then I remember so long ago…
I choose it instead.
Falling in love with language
instead of something