songs by E.H. CatoI (The Hulks Lullabye)

hulks lullabye- written May 22, 2015


by Emily

Sing to me,

wont you sing to me?

please sing to me..

sing to me, a sad song, a strong song,a lullabye, {a melody)

a malady of

sweet sweet insanity? Sing to me

Voice two # ” My hearts breaking now..and now and now My heart’s breaking now…

“Voice one” Sing to me….”Voice two “My hearts breaking now…”.

Voice one”Sing to me..”

“a sweet song, a strong song ,a sad song a lullaby.

malady a memory.”

can’t you sing to me?”

Voice threee,” Sing me to sleep”

Voice four”I’m tired. I’m tired,I’m tired of singing….”

“V#! 1 and-Sing to me

V#2 Im tired, Im tired. I’m tired of fighting so hard…

V#2 ”

Sing to me.,

A love song a memory, a lullaby – a Malady….

Won’t you sing to me?

Sing to me?

Won’t you sing to me?

Wont you sing me a song about piano guys, car crashes and yellow eyes and black cats???

And super super super superstitions/ fictitious/ imperfections

and past life,


Sing to me?

I can’t now I’m tired. I’m tired.

Won’t you sing to me?

A lovabye, a malady, a memory,

a sad song. a strong song…

Won’t you sing to me?

Can’t you to sing to me?

I can’t hear you now.

I am deaf to you.

V#2  But your not dumb anymore?

No,Not me. I am not dumb anymore.

V#2 But can you say it?

But can you sing it? Can you tell it/ Will you tell me a story?

A metamorphosis, a sad song , a love song, a totality

a lunar eclipse

V#! –Another Goodbye and your so very wrong about

Me about Us-And I don’t want to say it…

It’s Divorce.

Of Course.


Song lyrics written and sung by Emily Helen Sturgill

May 24,2015 @ All rights reserved.11182195_10202970120009013_1143925184362858580_n


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