Poetry Readings: Videos off You tube by Sex in the Kitchen Sink

Sex in the kitchen sink: poems and art, 2013

On the Brink Letters to the Madness +poems &pictures, Volume One,2013

On the Brink Letters to the Madness +poems &pictures, Volume Two,2013

Mythology seen through Metaphor: Word Salad 1.5, 2013

Dreamcatcher and other poems, 2013.

Butterfly Rimmed Eyeglasess and the Trouble with Tuesday, 2013.

http://youtu.be/Sth0hj2TWYA   Lavender Surprise promo Video

http://youtu.be/ac2a7zhZTXY  Short promo video for Memoirs Recalled Madness.

http://youtu.be/Pdt8sLDx5gA   Top ten reasons you should buy Memoirs Recalled Madness.

http://youtu.be/OXUIXLaJsQQ  A reading from Memoirs Recalled Madness: a personal account of living with manic-depressive illness

http://youtu.be/bVE6LhMn9ZA    Once, I was the Rain. Poetry Preview Video

These are videos featuring short readings of excerpts of poems from my poetry and art chapbooks, available on both the kindle and also as paperbacks-soft-cover, on print on demand through createspace, and amazon.com. Prices vary, please visit my Authors page on Amazon.com for more detailed info: it is http://www.amazon.com/author/emilysturgill

I am a newly self-published Author. However, I wrote my first poem at age 8, 1984, as my beloved Grandmother was dying from cancer. It was something, quite cliche like, “Roses are red, Violets are blue,happiness is a puppy-dog smiling at me, there never was a grandmother as sweet as thee.” Grandma hung it by her bed and showed all the dr’s and nurses. At her funeral, our Episcopalian priest read it aloud, in front of everybody. I was vastly embarrassed.

Funny thing, after that, i still wrote poems, more and more the older i got. This is a memorial collage, I created from my grandmother, during an Art Therapy course, while i was in Grad school-a few years back.

Artwork as memorial.

Artwork as memorial.

The Art I have also been making all of my life-I’ve been told i started drawing at age four-and i never stopped, with either making art or keeping a journal or writing tons of poetry. It was not until I started this blog, last nov, 2012, and saw how many hits i was getting, that i got the courage to look into publishing & my husband really encouraged me to pursue self-publishing options-i am very grateful to him for that. Even if nobody ever buys my books, i can at least say, i did something, i made this-i created this collection of chapbooks of poetry and artwork, i did do something.

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