I do

I do- 6/20/2020

The daily grind
the time we’ve spent
ever since we first met
this everyday romance
a situation created by chance,
the love we share
the ways you care
always by my side
forever we decide
to spend together.

It’s in the touch of your hand.
It’s in the stare of your eyes.
It’s in the vows and wedding band.
It’s in the little things you do.
It’s this romance I have with you.

It means so much
every single touch

It’s in the daily grind

It’s in all of the time




Birthday 9/16/19

It’s your birthday
and I want
to make you smile.

Anything I can do
that makes you
happy even just for
a while.

Today 9/17/19

Today is your 46th
Just another year older
yet somehow wiser.
I’ve gotten you
some nic-nacks
small gifts and things.
But I cannot find
the right words
to express
that You are the one,
I will always love best.

A connection

A connection- 9/16/19

To love someone
with a wild heart
takes much courage.

To love someone
with honesty
and grace
this is devotion.

To love someone
as the days
turn to months,
then to years
this is loyalty.

But to have that Love
love you back
equally through sorrow
and through joy

This is a blessing,
a treasure
something so powerful,
This is connection.

Why not?

I don’t understand Why not?

Why not?

Why are you unwilling to give it a shot?

Why not try something new?

Why don’t you trust me?

Why do you not believe me?

Why do you just assume I am

entirely full of shit-about everything?

Why assume I do not know,

exactly what I am talking about?

It hurts me deeply,

when you do not trust me


I have never told you

any lies on purpose I mean…

Why not?

Why can’t you?

Why do you refuse to

just hold my hand

and try to




Why not?