I must be completely crazy. stupid in fact & desperate for a second chance to meet an old friend.

instead i was catfished. I would say again because that does rhyme-but honestly geez, this was

only the very first time.

At first

I thought he sounded like you.But I was being played like a crazy stupid violin.

He was not you at all. It was only wishful thinking on my part.

Lucky for me i did not give out any personal information.

Lucky for me, I was able to hang on to doubt.

I knew the real you

will never reach out to me-

to try to make a dumb friendship work out.

I’m just surprised at how naive i was.

I wanted to believe he was you

and i miss you so much-



why do i even bother?

I have not even really been a part of your life

for the past 21 years…

it might be nice

if I could really believe?

that somehow, somewhere deep inside of you,

you missed me too?

and we could go back to being

acquaintances at least.

But I do not think that is rational

for me to really believe.

And now I feel stupid and naive

that i was actually dumb enough to believe

that you would forgive me

and to try to reach me???