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This is the last day of my Free Promotion on my latest poetry and artist chapbook, “Painfully Sane.” by Emily Sturgill, 2019.
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For reasons I don’t really understand yet this newest book is not listed on my Authors page.But if you do want to leave a review just post it on the page where you find “Painfully Sane.” I really appreciate any feedback and look forward to hearing from anyone.

About this book here is a description:

This is a slim Poetry and Artist chapbook.It is roughly 60 pages long. It is divided into six different themes, Poetry and Art, Endometriosis, Bipolar Disorder/ Manic-Depression, Nature and Weather,Grief and Loss and Love. The featured artworks are paintings, drawings and photography. The author has a BFA in painting and a Masters of Education in Art Ed and art therapy. She runs her own blog on called Sex in the kitchen Sink. Emily lives in Michigan with her husband, two dogs, two cats and Mother in Law.

I don’t know what.

I don’t know what. 7/28/19

I don’t know what

I’m trying to say

is it a confession

or a poem

or an unraveling of words?

I just don’t know.

I write as long

as my heart speaks

I write to empty

this foolish mind.

I write to fill a void

in this bathtub of my soul

so much just water

with nothing left to fill.

Poetry is my shadow

She follows me around

whispers her sweetest nothings,

then she slams me to the ground.

I don’t know why.

I don’t know if I am confessing

to the everything I’ve done

or simply writing poetry

the lost songs

never song.


Regrets –July 28 2019

There are times, people and places

I remember the bits and pieces

When I was dealing with

My manias which felt like

Fitfalls of explosion and I literally

Lost all control of the blast.

So many people were driven away

By my madness but a few did stay.

I regret those I offended or hurt by

All the things I did and say.

It’s hard to separate the explosions of emotions from the logically medically induced stability I try to suggest is normalcy. It maybe coming out of prescription therapy but it’s much more the real me then when I don’t have my bipolar medication or worse yet when the medicine stops working.

I try so hard to be stable and real and trustworthy. I regret the confusion my condition causes. I regret the pieces and bits and places and people I have lost. But I’m grateful for those who stayed and waited for me to make sense again. Sometimes you don’t know what’s lost until it’s gone.

Living with mental illness is hard.

I’ve been trying to learn to accept my regrets and start over again.

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Starting tomorrow Saturday July 27 2019 my newest Artist and Poetry chapbook will be available as a Free download. This free promotion is only available from July 27- Weds July 31 2019.

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“Painfully Sane: Poetry and Artwork.” by Emily Sturgill, 2019 is my 23rd book.
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I hope some of you decide to download this new book and leave your thoughts on it. I look forward to your feedback. Thank you, Emily Sturgill.


Caged- 7/20/19
Children in a Cage,
where is the Rage?
I thought we were the
Home of the Brave?

Doesn’t our statue
of Liberty welcome
all immigrants
regardless of their

What’s really happening
at our borders?
Why are legal asylum seekers
being turned away?

It’s 2019 America, but
we are holding hostages.
How can we be the home of
the Free and the Brave
while children are suffering,
torn from families
and held in a Cage?



July 17 2019.

This is the 4th day

Of my monthly cycle.

And I’ve still got 3-4 ,

More days to go.

My uterus feels like it’s

Stabbing itself repeatedly

With a broken fork or a dull knife.

Because of endometriosis ,

This pain is simply

Part of my life.

It gets ugly. Rolling into a ball,

Trying to sleep.

Using electric blanket or a heating pad for the pain.

I used to have this pain daily, back when I was using prescription pain medication. Got off of that though. Now I mostly only have pain with my cycles

Still 3-4 more days of cramping, twisting, bleeding and hurting.

These things I don’t look forward to.

Burning, stabbing, twisting and swearing as my uterus stabs itself


About Sex in the Kitchen Sink.

Hello. My name is Emily H. Sturgill. I began this blog on in 2012.
All the featured images, artwork and Poetry belong to me unless otherwise noted.
Every poem is written by me and I retain copyrights to everything posted on this blog unless otherwise noted.

I have been using the self-publishing platform through Amazon’s KDP program. I have self-published a total of 22 books over the last seven years. Now I am in the process of releasing my 23rd. Of the 23 books there are 17 Artwork and Poetry chapbooks, 2 Poetry Anthologies that I edited, 2 Artist chapbooks, 1 personal memoir and lastly 1 Fictional collection of short stories.

Some of my poetry in my new chapbook was first published on this site. In those cases I have dated and marked published on I am still the original author and artist of this blog.