Must be some good karma…

I got in the mail today a home-made Christmas Card from an ol’ girlfriend from high school today.

It was both surprising and sweet. So thank you Erin! Another friend, a few days ago surprised me by asking for my address.

She is a facebook art therapy friend that I have. We have never met in real life but I feel as though I know her through her wonderful blog and facebook postings! She wanted to send me a “artful christmas gift.” That really made my day. So thank you very much Gretchen Miller-I will be awaiting its arrival with much gratitude.

Lastly, I have spent the past month-well- December-having GiveAways of my poetry and artist chapbooks on the website Good Reads. Well today I was notified that I am a winner in somebody elses give away-So I will be getting a new poetry book soon-I am thrilled with that-cannot wait!! It always interests me to read how other poets approach poetry. It is called “Dreams like Mine.” by Leesa Abbott-

A bunch of people did enter so I feel very lucky to be one of the winners. Surprisingly, I am starting to feel more “in the Christmas Spirit.” i usually stick with only mostly poetry postings on my blog here-but today I just felt like sharing some of the little things that have happened lately which make me feel so happy and so blessed. I will return to poetry soon enough-but in the meantime-best wishes and Merry Christmas OR happy holidays to everybody. I hope your holidays are as joyous as mine.

I also got a very nice gift from my Sister in Law Tammy-she always picks out nice presents!

Here is a pic: CAM00358 We got other gifts earlier this month too-from my sister and brother in law-and my Father and Step-Mother. All wonderful things. Tomorrow will be a bigger day of celebration around here! Which means more family will come by, which for me is one of the best parts! I will get to see my brother too, which is always awesome. My hubby and I are very lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends.


Peace & Blessings, Emily

Something new…

I made some artwork after writing last nights poem called “Landslide.”

CAM00335  I am also working on another visual journal.CAM00340 CAM00337This a picture of the cover-although the lighting was bad. The words say”Make more art.”

I’m uncertain if I can keep the inspiration rolling today. It often comes out in waves or shoots out like mini bolts of lightening. My Muse is often not all there-she is transparent like scotch tape almost invisible-but yet again she appears. I would love to throw together a new book of artwork and poetry-another chapbook. The holidays are keeping me busy, as well as my Good Reads Giveaways. I have my last giveaways of december to mail out tomorrow. Congrats to the 6 winners! Hopefully the books will get to you soon.

I also have a couple art therapy workshops scheduled for the second week in Jan. I will post about those soon. In the meantime, I am going to try to make more art and maybe more poetry….if i can catch up with my Muse and grab her by the hair or the tail! LOL. Creativity is such a mystery. Sometimes it comes very easily other times it is very late to the party or does not show up at all…we shall see!!

Landslide by Emily Sturgill

Landslide 1/21/13

Its like a landslide,

of a troubled mind.

Is like a mudslide, a pent up hurricane, a torrent

of icy rain-this,this ,this,-Feeling.

A feeling buried so deep inside-

that I must-I must-I have to try.

I gotta make something-something-something-

all brand new.

A piece of art, or a slice of poetry, some sorta collage

something rich and vast,

in personal history.

I gotta, gotta, gotta-make some art-

if its the last thing I do. Its desperate this feeling, this urge,

to create something, anything,at all-

to reach into the void

and create something out of nothing-no,

nothing at all.

i must make some art.

I must do it quick-

before my mind has time-

to flip that switch,

and the creativity leaves me-like

in a landslide-it will disappear quick,

I must make something, something all brand new,

something wounderous and pretty-

or monsterious and ugly-it does not matter.

All the art is built up deep inside,

it needs to come out.

A piece of art, or a slice of poetry, some sorta collage

something rich and vast,

in personal history.

I gotta, gotta, gotta-make some art-

if its the last thing I do. Its desperate this feeling, this urge,

to create something, anything,at all-

to reach into the void.

CAM00347 My basement Art Studio.CAM00342 CAM00344Those are Artists helpers #1 and #2.

CAM00335 16x 20, mixed media on canvas, Body & Soul, by Emily Sturgill, 2013.


I write about..

12/10/13 I write about…

I write about

the things I know.

things which are,

small enough to show.

I gather them together-

slow, weaving them

into a small dust

of lace and fabric.

with care

my world begins

to grow.

I write about forgotten

dreams, hopes, fantasies

and that which lies unseen.

I write about

the things I know.

things which are

small enough to


Emotions lie by the wayside-

they are too complex

to try to describe.

They often overpower

me, trapping me

into riddles, rhythm,

and poetry.

But with care

my world

begins to grow.

An Afternoon Haze-

An Afternoon Haze-9/8/13

Mid-afternoon half-past


I sit sweetly here,

pondering Us.

How we came to past?

This gift of a marriage

based on mutual trust.


All the blessings,

I somehow

in some way

take for granted

almost everyday.


Your smile, which-

I love.

The way your hand

fits snug in my own.


Enough food to eat.

A big and beautiful


All of our fur-kids.


All the things I take

for granted-they would be impossible-

If it were not,

for the luck of meeting & loving



You are my favorite companion.

I get lost in memories,

of all the happy times.

We have had our

ups and downs,

but I always make my way-

back home to You.

Just because…

Just because, you can write it-

should you take it home with you?

Just because, you can dream it-

will that make your dreams come true?

Just because, you can think it-

does a seed begin to grow?

Just because, you can feel it

should you label it

to make it so?

Just because, I can think it-

can I drink the stuff of dreams?

Just because, I can write it-

should I even dare

show it to you?

Just because I can taste it-

does that mean I can mold and shape it?

Just because, I can write it-

Is there a meaning behind my words?

Just because,  I can write it-

should I even try?