Endo bite me!

Endo bite me-

a poem written by Emily H. Sturgill

April 25,2015

Endo can bite me!

with all of its cruel insults

its nasty-ass tricks

and its never ending

agony of pain.

Endo you can bite me!

with all your

bloody monthlies…

with your outward

attacks on my fragile

pain ridden body

causing scars and infertility

but changing my appearance

so dramatically.

I am like a Pear

in a bowl among forbidden


I’m in the shape of a


yet i’ve never born


endo can bite me!

i hate it so much

I cannot tolerate

this illness

which drys invisible

like invisible ink

on old parchment papers.

So nobody can see

the twinges of pain

the muscle spasms

i so very much dread.

So endo, why don’t you?

Just go away, just for today?

Why don’t you disappear

like a nightmare grown

between both my ears.

A dream dreamt five years ago.

A chilling nightmare

where is freddy krueger?

when a girl needs a friend?

I am trapped in this god-forsaken


this nightmare that only twists and turns

convorts my body

into the pretzel person lobby.

Endo you can bite me,

i am so sick

to death of you.

bother some other woman.

give me some peace

endo i am breaking up with


and endo you can bite me too!