The sounds of Sleep

He is sleeping

with him he is carrying

the sounds of Sleep.


There is a song to his

sonorous sonnet of snoring.

It is calming to listen to it.


He is sleeping

deep and wide,

I imagine he is dreaming

but he rarely shares these to me.


Like most my dreamer usually

does not recall his dreams.

I like to hear his snoring

years ago it once bothered me.


But now I find it precious,

that the man I love so much

is peacefully getting his

much needed rest.


It is relaxing to hear,

his breathing reminds me

of oceans breaking upon the shore.

It is a soothing sound, calming and gentle.


The sounds of him sleeping

remind me how lucky I am

to have this man I love

with me still here.

The cycle of Life

The cycle of Life

is  such that we all Live but someday

we all die too.

I am making it sounds so simplistic-

yet nothing could be farther than true.

The cycle of our Lives is in constant motion.

Ever changing, ever growing, nothing in fact

ever stays exactly the same.

Each day we are living, we must strive

to remind ourselves to enjoy

this journey we are on

for time stops for no one.

Sometimes simple truths are the best,

Live each and everyday

to its fullest; ignore the rest.

The cycle of life is a curious thing.

Nobody has a map to bring, nor directions,

if we falter.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to live in

the Here and Now, but exactly what is our

choice or option? To dwell in the distortions of our past,

or to linger in the unknown ever unfolding future,

Or merely breathe in

breathe out

and enjoy these moments of Life rooted in the present,

before time runs out and

Regrets loom large?

Nobody knows the pathway of mortality,

we are born, we live and then someday we will die.

I do not have any wisdom, nor answers,

I cannot explain why.

I just accept this to be a universal truth.

Appreciate the moments of Today for tomorrow

is not promised and the past we cannot change

the key is to living Life to the fullest

in each moment that you can claim.

It’s just the Cycle of Life.

The deep end of Loss

The deep end of Loss

contains Mourning and Grief-

A Sorrow so deep

that nothing can touch.

Growing older means

to her additional Grief and Sorrow.

Each death is in itself,

is one more test-

the loss only intensifies with age.

I witness her Grief and Sorrow

I wish I could erase the years on her pain.

But this I cannot do and my words

are just not the same.

She stands at the deep end of a pool

which holds all her tears of the losses

and pain-missing loved ones who has

passed into the great beyond.

Each and every death seems to only

compound her losses,

as she revisits the feelings of Mourning and Grieving.

I stand witness to this mostly

in silence.

I have a secret that she does not.

I know deep down she is strong and can handle it.

But this is something-this secret truth-that evades her

and all of her sorrows.

Each and every death hits her hard like it’s

a brand new experience and she re-lives each and every

death she has ever encountered.

I have no words for this.

I can only reach out to give her a hug.

The deep end of Loss

contains Mourning and Grief-

A Sorrow so deep

that nothing can touch.

Growing older means

to her additional Grief and Sorrow.



Still here

I am still here.

lingering on the vast edges

of cyberspace,

off the beaten path.

I am still here-

even when I am not

posting as frequently.


I am just biding my time.

attempting to fish

and net

another big rhyme.


I am still here

lingering on the borders

and edges of the internet.

Trying to think of things to say,

in a novel or interesting



Do not worry.

I am still here-even when my words

are less then plenty

and it seems

this riverboat of poems

has ship-wrecked upon dry land.


I just want you to know

I am still here.