Must be some good karma…

I got in the mail today a home-made Christmas Card from an ol’ girlfriend from high school today.

It was both surprising and sweet. So thank you Erin! Another friend, a few days ago surprised me by asking for my address.

She is a facebook art therapy friend that I have. We have never met in real life but I feel as though I know her through her wonderful blog and facebook postings! She wanted to send me a “artful christmas gift.” That really made my day. So thank you very much Gretchen Miller-I will be awaiting its arrival with much gratitude.

Lastly, I have spent the past month-well- December-having GiveAways of my poetry and artist chapbooks on the website Good Reads. Well today I was notified that I am a winner in somebody elses give away-So I will be getting a new poetry book soon-I am thrilled with that-cannot wait!! It always interests me to read how other poets approach poetry. It is called “Dreams like Mine.” by Leesa Abbott-

A bunch of people did enter so I feel very lucky to be one of the winners. Surprisingly, I am starting to feel more “in the Christmas Spirit.” i usually stick with only mostly poetry postings on my blog here-but today I just felt like sharing some of the little things that have happened lately which make me feel so happy and so blessed. I will return to poetry soon enough-but in the meantime-best wishes and Merry Christmas OR happy holidays to everybody. I hope your holidays are as joyous as mine.

I also got a very nice gift from my Sister in Law Tammy-she always picks out nice presents!

Here is a pic: CAM00358 We got other gifts earlier this month too-from my sister and brother in law-and my Father and Step-Mother. All wonderful things. Tomorrow will be a bigger day of celebration around here! Which means more family will come by, which for me is one of the best parts! I will get to see my brother too, which is always awesome. My hubby and I are very lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends.


Peace & Blessings, Emily