Autumn Announces itself…

Autumn Announces itself…

10/31/14 by Emily Sturgill

Autumn comes in slowly,

creeping temperatures dropping

in Michigan below 50.

The wind does yell.

The wind does howl.

Th chill fills the air

and my cat wants to go outside,

she begins to meow.

a pathetic sound,

a plea which will be

for tonight at least-


Autumn Announces itself

in all its angry growls

and howls of a wind

so fierce that it fills my house.

With the thin crackle, crunching of

paper thin leaves

falling from trees.

Autumn in all her glory,

has arrived, as we settle in

by the fire

about to tell stories.

She is here,

Autumn announces herself.

It’s Halloween

It’s Halloween 10/31/14

Just a bit past 5:25

and the Wind awakens

with a voice that’s alive.

It howls, hollers, winds up to

40 miles per hour.

Setting the scene

for some Halloween screams.

My token black cat

leaves my side.

As the wind roars and hollers

like something alive.

A train sounds off

it’s blast in the distance

before twilight falls,

bringing demons, ghosts, ghouls,

and witches.

Stirring a cauldron of black pitch,

smoke from dry ice

candle lit jack o’lanterns

and some candy

but only if you are nice.

forShare (1) Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Poetry Anthology Part two update

Last night I made an executive decision for a title. I basically like “Dredging up Demeter: Autumn Anthology of Poetry.” I did some basic artwork based upon this theme.

Anthology Autumn Artwork1 Anthology Autumn Artwork Cover rough1 So far I have a total of five poets if I am including myself!! I am eager for more poets to join in-whether you were one of my poets in the first anthology OR not!! I am more than willing to accept new poets! The basic themes are still the same. I am leaning towards dividing the book in half like I did with my previous project. The first time I just ordered each poem in the order it was emailed to me in the first half of our project. In the second half I put all the remaining poems grouped by each individual poet. We did also include small bio statements which we may not do this time-I’m going to leave it up to my poets-if they wish to do this again or not?

The themes are:

1. Autumn

2. Seasonal Holidays: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain, Thanksgiving perhaps I should also include? Christmas and Winter Solstice here as well…?

3. Changing of Seasons: Summer into Fall or Fall into Winter

If you wish to be included? It is easy. Just email me a poem on one of the above themes. The Deadline is either Dec 1st or when I reach around 20 poets. Then I will ask for at least 2 poems possibly 3 more poems for each poet. My email is: or Please put Poetry Anthology 2 in subject line or Dredging up Demeter.

Poetry Anthology Project: part two

Some of you may know, I edited a Poetry Anthology last May called,”Help Wanted: poets please apply.”It started out with a very basic idea. I wanted to help other poets publish some of their work who had never published before OR who wanted to gain free publicity for their work by joining our anthology.

After much thought I have decided to try this again but this time asking the poets to follow one or more of the following three themes. The first anthology was very loose and there was no theme. That made for a very interesting collection.However, surprisingly many of the poets did ask if there was a theme or guidelines? There really were none! This second time I thought perhaps by having a series of set themes, I could give the poets more structure and our next new Anthology could have more cohesion as a group, like more “flow.”

These are the themes:

These are the themes I am considering:
1. Autumn
2.Seasons changing-Summer into Fall OR Fall into Winter
3.Fall Holidays: Halloween, Dia de los Muertos-(Mexican Day of the dead.),and Thanksgiving
To enter one must simply submit at least one poem based on one of these themes. Submit by email just like before.
So far I have three poets from my previous anthology who are interested in doing this again: Leesa, Omavi, and Carrie.
 I am opening up the contest to other poets via my blog. Feel free to let me know if you are working on something and need more time.
Is Anybody remotely even interested in this? A second anthology project? Feedback is highly encouraged! I might even expand it to four poems per poet depending on how many responses I do get?
Also here are my title ideas, could you give feedback on which title appeals to each of you if you do decide to be part of this?
here they are:
A-” Everyman’s journey: falling into Autumn.”
B-“Everyman’s journey: Falling into winter.”
C-“Everyman’s journey: From fall to Winter.”
Each title will have the subtitle of a poetry anthology edited by Emily Sturgill.
Actually I find that I am a bit on the fence as far as titles go… here are a few others floating away in my mind-
D-“Falling into FreeVerse.”  E-“Dredging up Demeter”   OR  F-    “Songs to Samhain”
If anybody thinks they might have a better title, please share the idea with me! OR you can let me know which of these titles you lie best A-F and the majority wins. To enter this anthology, my basic rules are the same. Please email me at least one poem which follows this theme.Obviously, the three poets mentioned above-Leesa, Omavi and Carrie are already entered-they each sent a poem.The deadline to enter is by December 1st or when I reach a total of at least 20 poets. After I have all the poets entered or sooner if you wish-I will ask everyone for two-three more poems. So a total of three-four poems each.I will know how many poems per poet for sure after the deadline passes and I see how many poets are interested-if that makes sense?
Also would people want to submit bios again? I am open to this and would allow you to use the same bio or to change your bio. Basically, this is an idea in the rough.After I get the initial first  poems, I can come up with a more solid deadline for everything. I’m more than willing to open it up to new poets . You can email that to me direct at or my gmail which is: but please use Fall anthology Or New anthology in your subject line.Warming up with color abstract 2 Fall 2013 Warming up with color abstract 1 Fall 2013 IMAG0907 (1)These two paintings above were part of a series I did called “Warming up with color.” The other photo I took of a sunrise. All 3 images have little to do with a new anthology, but I was hoping to somehow inspire you. I am short on leaf art at the moment but I strongly feel leaf art would be the most appropriate! (Sorry I will work on that…) Well. Ok. Please email me a poem if this project interests you! To check out our first anthology, its a steal at just 99 cents here is a link:

Free Kindle Ebook Promotion: starts tomorrow!

My first self-published poetry and artist chapbook was inspired by writing this blog. It was published in Jan 2013. It’s called,”Sex and the Kitchen Sink: poetry and art.” by Emily Sturgill. Starting tomorrow through November 2, 2014 it will be absolutely FREE to download for your kindle reading device. HERE is a link:

If you do not have a kindle reading device you can always just go to google and search this phrase,”Free Kindle app for the PC.” or use this link here:

This is a brief description: This is a e chapbook of poetry and some artwork that I created myself. Some of the artwork listed is under my maiden last name, Cato, because I created it before I was married.This book is roughly 26 pages long and most of the poetry is quite recent.

Here are some of the reviews:


4.3 out of 5 stars
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is the shortest volume of poet/indie-author Emily Sturgll’s artist chapbooks. In the opening part she writes: “Poetry distracts me from going over the edge.” Sturgill holds a MFA in art education and art therapy from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. The title of this chapbook is also the title of her blog. I’d like to add, that this chapbook isn’t about sex. Sturgill has written quite articulately with powerful emotional clarity about the daily challenges of living with mental illness, namely Bipolar Disorder – known also as manic depressive illness. Sturgill is a mental health advocate, working in her local community and promotes creative artistic expression through social media and public forum.

In Randomness in the AM: Sturgill discusses the “balance beam” and mood swing of her illness, where in the space of just a few minutes she feels as if she has lived a lifetime. Her medications, lithium, being like the finest of dark chocolate. Seroquel and Klonopin are needed for her mental stability. The awareness that people may speak about her in hushed tones. There are more mentally ill people then most know of, they are often homeless, in prison, or living in Adult Foster Care Homes. Cold Chill: is about the Detroit area cold winters, her concern for the homeless/squatters living in abandoned buildings. “from the inside out” features Ravin Starr: A slick plus size, chain smoking, unwelcome house guest, usually up to no good.. and Sturgill’s alter-ego. Holiday blues are covered in the poem: “Dr. Depression” stopped by pulling a hearse instead of reindeer, bringing fear instead of cheer. The short essay immediately following urges those who face suicidal depression to seek the help that is readily available. “Psychiatrist” is about Sturgill’s experience with therapy, and how her psychiatrist at CMH (Community Mental Health) really helped her, earning her trust and respect. Sturgill writes about her sweetest love for her husband, a unique unicorn, with a balding head and many tough guy tattoos in: “If I Say I Love You”.

Favorite art works include:
Fire and Ice: (painting, 1996), The Black Cat: (altered photography, undated), Gather Rose: (collage, undated)
Many thanks and much appreciation for the Kindle promotional copy.

 5.0 out of 5 stars An easy and entertaining read August 23, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This book was an exceptionally easy and very entertaining read which is why I believe that it warrants its 5 star review. There were a few editing errors in the book, but they in no way detracted from its appeal and may have even added to it in my opinion. The book deals with the very serious issue of mental illness from the perspective of the author who unabashedly shares some of her thoughts and life experiences. I found the book so riveting that I needed to read it more than once. As a bonus you will also get to see the outstanding artwork of this very talented individual. I would highly recommend this book.
4.0 out of 5 stars A Modern Poetic Voice January 21, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Really like this. It is more than poetry. It is a reality show. You follow
Emily Sturgill through her mornings, her days, her life. You are there.
It is prose-poetry actually. Very neurotic and if you enjoy the neurotic
then you will like this, if you do not, then “beware!”But I loved it.

I hope if any new readers choose to download this short chapbook that they enjoy both the poetry and the artwork.
I do have other books available. Please visit my’s Author’s page for more info. It is
cover art 1 copy

Frozen pizza in my oven.

Frozen pizza in my oven

And I know my husband

who is cooking it up for Us-

he loves me deeply.

And He and I have

our own little


A place where I can just

be Me. Sitting here in bagging pj bottoms,

and there He is,

treating me like a Queen.

Such a sweet and wonderful man!

And in our little Universe everything

is (mostly) happiness and grand.

He makes an awesome King.

And our royal subjects

consist of Cats and Dogs.

They barely listen to Us,

but we adore them all.

And it’s only Thursday,

10:00 o’clock at night

but there’s frozen pizza in my

oven and I can tell

I am treated very well

by my handsome husband

everything here in our kingdom

is touched by Love.

Red Blood Moon

Red Blood Moon

full until

it becomes

eclipsed into the

Dawn’s morning light.

the light eats away

the darkness of the night.

It ushers in the morning with

secrets beyond our sight.

As the blood red moon

controls the oceans tides

and deep inside our own

liquified minds.

The tug and the pull

until after when

the moon sheds its thick

skin and sneaks

quietly away

vanishes without a whisper

without a word

this theif of our night

is never heard.

Felt yes, but heard never.

She creeps silently away

as her cloak turns the pages

of a beautiful new day.

“Red Bones: Poetry and Artwork.” Newly Released this week on 10/07/14, just $2.99.

My newest Poetry and Artist chapbook, “Red Bones: Poetry and Artwork.” was just released on Kindle two days ago. It is 68 pages long, with 33 poems and has original colored art images. I just got the paperback version in the mail today. It is a very nice collection. I hope people check it out on kindle.

If you like this blog, chances are good that you will also enjoy my books-all of which include original art images created by me.

To check it out please follow this link right here:

Don’t forget to click on search inside this book for a preview.

If you like what you see please consider buying my ebook. The ebook is only $2.99. It is more expensive for the paperback version-$16.99. However if you do buy a paperback version you can get the kindle version for just 99 cents. I really appreciate feedback, reviews or comments of any kind whether left on my blog or on my’s author page:

Kindle book cover for Red Bones poetry and Artwork Red Bones NewBookCoverPreview

Book Description

October 7, 2014
This is a collection of roughly 33 poems centering on the theme loosely based on the color Red. It also contains original artwork and is estimated at around 68 pages in length.Colors often invoke images and feelings. Imagery and emotions are the very fabric which poets create poetry. Color invites thought,form and concrete notions. I decided to focus on Red as it is one of my favorites. I can only hope my artwork along side my poetry can inspire or touch readers in a thoughtful focused way. Let’s explore the world of Red, its texture, it’s feelings, right down to its bones. This ebook does contain some mature content.


This collection includes some poetry I wrote dedicated to some of my friends: Nyama Reed Marsh-In search of a Tiara and Susan Byrne and Bernadette Grosebeck, Pain Visits Here. I also wrote a poem in memory of Robin Williams.


New Release Now Available on kindle: “Red Bones: poetry and Artwork.”

My latest poetry and artist chapbook is now available off of

HERE  is a link:

Book Description

October 7, 2014
This is a collection of roughly 33 poems centering on the theme loosely based on the color Red. It also contains original artwork and is estimated at around 68 pages in length.Colors often invoke images and feelings. Imagery and emotions are the very fabric which poets create poetry. Color invites thought,form and concrete notions. I decided to focus on Red as it is one of my favorites. I can only hope my artwork along side my poetry can inspire or touch readers in a thoughtful focused way. Let’s explore the world of Red, its texture, it’s feelings, right down to its bones. This ebook does contain some mature content.
Please feel free to use the “Look inside the Book.” feature to see if some of the poetry/content appeals to you. $2.99 on Kindle. There is also a paperback version available for $16.99, 8.5×11, white pages with colored images, 68 pages. Available off both and : here is that link:
Comments and Feedback or reviews are always highly encouraged and very welcomed.
Thank you, my wordpress readers! Without your encouragement and support as readers, I doubt I would even keep writing at all! Sincerely, Emily Sturgill
Red Bones NewBookCoverPreview Kindle book cover for Red Bones poetry and Artwork

Reduced E-books: Kindle deals in the UK!!!

I have a correction to mention, I had noted previously that my poetry and artist chapbook called “Yesterday’s flowers and other things.” would be on sale as a kindle countdown deal from 10/05/14-10/12/14 for 99 cents, in the USA store. That was incorrect that sale is for my UK readers only-sorry!

So that means I have two kindle countdown deals starting today in’s UK store.

The first being “Yesterday’s Flowers and other things” and the second is “Art before Words.”Volume One.

HERE are links for UK readers: