Love 3/9/13 by Emily Sturgill

Love like


senses ignorance-

reading among youth groups.


among purple, bicycle stars

that nurse

creativity as a hobby.


hope is perverted

by rules,

laws and rituals.


Love, Hope & Peace-

are the fabrics

upon which

dreams are weaved.


Desire 4/19/13 by Emily Sturgill

I am a Galaxy

upon a sea of words.

I am Lost

without being heard.

I am that Song-you cannot get out of

your mind-yet you choose not to dance to.

I am Ancient

like a wooley-mammoth,

but empty,

like the half drunk glass-

of wine.

I space out, and separate like,

milk from cream,

or the froth

inside a dream,

you’ve barely recalled-


having at all.

“Why Are There No Blue Dogs?”

“Why Are There No Blue Dogs?”.

This is a very well written tribute to a person that the Author had much love for. It is an honest portrayal-very sincere and beautifully written. It makes me wish that had I been born in a different time and place-I would have loved to meet his loved one. This is very powerful writing here.

An altar of belief:


An altar by belief,
stands alone in the north west corner,
of my bedroom.
it is the place onto which,
i allow my beliefs to sit.

every once in a while,
i linger there
lighting three candles,
and say my prayers,
with my heart-
not my lips.

my lips do not seem fit.
to express what my heart
longs and shouts out for;
justice, a good life, an omen
or a sign, to allow
me to practice,

the fine art of allowance and
of course self-acceptance.

magical meditations, covered in mystery.
set the stage for most of human

i have an altar of belief which sits,
upon my north-west corner.
Even if my Gods and Goddesses,
are ancient fairy tales to you…

please respect my beliefs,
as I try to respect yours.
if more folks do not try;
to sway and convert the masses,

think of all the less holy wars,
that would be raging
across many a foreign land.

all it takes is a small slit opening,
into your heart,
and some peace and understanding;
for those who see the world much
differently than you do.

blessings-tidings-mote it be,
hence tied by three.

Ramblings & rantings from a damaged soul

From deep within,

my depths of a damaged soul,

Life’s lessons learned so well,

that they teach me much

but taste of the bitterness of Hell.

From deep within,

my depths of a damaged soul,

my heart grasps for yours,

clenching tightly-

it refuses to let go.

And your heart, has taught me lessons as well.

Not of the bitterness and the awful taste

of Hell- but of something else entirely.

Your heart has taught my heart,

in the coldest,dampest of places

there is warmth, fire-light, and a hearth

of endless possibilities.

Your heart has taught mine,

that is ok, joyful and wise,

to trust someone once in a while.

That Life is full of love. laughter, and Surprises.

To claim you are my soul-mate sounds so cliche,

but you are you know?

There is a truth to it,

that speaks to my bare essence,

to the barest of bones beneath my soul.

Love has saved me, at last.

And for that i will be grateful, and cautious in my joyfulness,

knowing full well that Love cannot only be found,

but lost as well.

I count myself among the lucky and blessed ones,

for I have been deep within, and

from deep within,

my depths of a damaged soul,

there is a seedling and I have let it grow.

Art- a crazy sort of creative day-old art, ideas, jump-start:

IMAG0915 (1)IMAG0793CAM00241



Old Art Work-

A jump-start head-first

into a fist-full of poetry.Old imagery haunts me:

What was i thinking/doing/being/ or saying….?

When I made A or B or C?

The first photo is from 2013, its a visual art journal i have

been working on. Picture no. 2 is an old watercolor from 2011.

Picture no. 3 is very old anywhere from 1996-99? It’s hard

to really recall. Its still one of my favorites,

despite being on cracked and broken stretcher bars-

if it were rectangular or square,

I could try to replace the stretcher bars-

I do know how to stretch canvas,

because Thankfully one of my old Oil painting

professors felt this was knowledge we needed.

However since this painting is Oval-not too sure how to fix it?

I’m thinking duct tape and lots of it….ugh.

Looking at old art,

it rests my heart,

makes it move easy.

Something about the

resurfacing of old paintings…

i just do  not know,

how to describe,

it’s akin to magick.



Good friends are like fine wine…

Good friends are like fine wine,

they only get better with both age,

and time.

A old friendship is a bit like

renewing an over-due book loan,

from the library. Surprisingly, you may find,

that the contents and pages remain the same-

although I am certain there are many more,

brand new chapters which have been added-

since last you read it.

An old friendship, is something that spans many,

many years-and although you are apart-the base

of the friendship, its roots, they remain the same.

Even when you have not, seen your friend in ages-

but if and when you do,

those old feelings of happiness, laughter, love and peace-

loyalties-these all remain the same.

If once,I called out your name,

as my friend,

then as my friend you will forever remain-

unless something horrible happens…

to us both and we forget one another.

Good friends are like fine wine….

dedicated to Angie, Erin, Matthew,Jenny,and many many others, too many to count,

for they litter my life like Stars in my landscape.

Upcoming Sale on Kindle Starts Tomorrow…Lavender Surprise

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Lavender Surprise
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Open up to the endless possibilities

Art is so vastly important. This is a wonderful blog posting reminding ourselves to be open to endless possibilities…


This week prompt over at the Circle of Art is such a beautiful reminder to broaden our perspectives and open up to the endless possibilities…

It may seem very difficult and sometimes the word and idea of  “impossible” may come up…but is it is only when we get going and evolve with the process that things unfold and take shape…So that word and idea are then replaced with the positive “possible” and everything looks different!!!


Have a great weekend:)

As always feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and creations!!!!

If you would like to join us over at the  Virtual Art Circle you can get to  Virtual Art Circle on Facebook  follow the link and request to join! Petrea will add you:)

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