Endometriosis please stop! Your killing me….

Here is a link that describes this invisible, random and rare illness I have. I have stage 4 the most severe.


Words cannot express:

Words cannot express

Words can tear me down


Words can lift me up

but words can never express-all this pain i feel.

this pain is REAL.

this pain is kinda, sorta, A BIG DEAL.

Words cannot express

the intensity

the depths

of my

chronic pain.

and i feel

as though i am losing

my mind.

I found a doctor

who will prescribe

a new pain medication.

but we cannot get it filled

until after May 19th

my next menes is due on May 17th

it’s going to suck

but somehow

i will make do

somehow i

will pull through.

in the meantime-

all i ask,




please stop

this pain




Stars & William Shakespeare.

Stars & William Shakespeare.

“When he shall die, take him out and cut him into the shape of Stars for he shall make the face of heaven so fine that all the world be in love with night.” -juliet’s monologue excerpt from Romeo and Juliet , William Shakespeare.

I had bullet proof stars in my ears

Stars & William Shakespeare.

bullet proof stars in my eyes

When I was just a wee lass

I stood up at

the head of my Drama Class

and I performed this monologue

of Juliets from Shakespeare.

My teacher called me brass

and bold, before I even began

because She said Shakespeare

was too advanced for high school kids.

I think she even laughed and made fun

of me. But still there I stood

like a shadow

eager to please yet with legs

made up entirely

of wood!!!

After I began, the room

filled with silence

as i mildly


Me, my shadow self, wearing

only a black half nightgown slip

and some sort of tank top or t-shirt

i might have been even barefoot?

but mostly i remember the shiny

black half slip with lace round the edges

and the smile on my teachers lips-

so surprised

she gave me an “A”

not just for that performance

but for the entire class too;

i played many roles in high school.

Taitchaba the “witch” from the Crucible-

part of the chorus in Camelot

part of the chorus in “Bye bye birdie.”

but my favorite role

was that of a secret wrapped up

into a surprise

when our teacher said we were too young to

be doing Shakespeare

I had bullet proof

stars in my eyes.

It was quite the surprise

this lone wolf misfit

this strange creature

a punk-rocker, an art-fag,a silent talker

a shadow self

thin enough to slip under

my jar of memories.

I had bullet proof stars in my ears

Stars & William Shakespeare.

bullet proof stars in my eyes

boy was she ever surprised!!!

What’s Your Art Story?

A thoughtful blog nymy fellow Art Therapist. (And friend) Gretchen Miller!! This gives some insight into the world of Art Therapy.

creativity in motion

What's Your Art Story?  | creativity in motion

This semester’s Art Therapy Studio class I’m teaching again for Ursuline College’s Art Therapy and Counseling Program is quickly winding down. Our time together over the last few months has been another series of artful Saturday morning gatherings!  It’s a pleasure seeing students take time to create their own art and strengthen the important role of personal creative practice as artists and soon to be art therapists.

One of the requirements of the class, even before I started teaching the course has included students telling their “Art Story” through the media of digital storytelling (DST). This assignment provides students an opportunity to use (and learn!) digital video making and create a creative piece of work reflective of their identity as an artist.

According to Lasica, (2006) “Digital storytelling is a craft that uses the tools of digital technology to tell stories about our lives…. and can be a powerful, evocative…

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Endo bite me!

Endo bite me-

a poem written by Emily H. Sturgill

April 25,2015

Endo can bite me!

with all of its cruel insults

its nasty-ass tricks

and its never ending

agony of pain.

Endo you can bite me!

with all your

bloody monthlies…

with your outward

attacks on my fragile

pain ridden body

causing scars and infertility

but changing my appearance

so dramatically.

I am like a Pear

in a bowl among forbidden


I’m in the shape of a


yet i’ve never born


endo can bite me!

i hate it so much

I cannot tolerate

this illness

which drys invisible

like invisible ink

on old parchment papers.

So nobody can see

the twinges of pain

the muscle spasms

i so very much dread.

So endo, why don’t you?

Just go away, just for today?

Why don’t you disappear

like a nightmare grown

between both my ears.

A dream dreamt five years ago.

A chilling nightmare

where is freddy krueger?

when a girl needs a friend?

I am trapped in this god-forsaken


this nightmare that only twists and turns

convorts my body

into the pretzel person lobby.

Endo you can bite me,

i am so sick

to death of you.

bother some other woman.

give me some peace

endo i am breaking up with


and endo you can bite me too!