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in a maniacal manner, we burn with passion together and create a fire this fire burns down entire cities and lights all the candles left unlit it lights a path that leads us right back to each other and we burn until we drive ourselves insane with carbon dioxide licking each others flames until their […]

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daddys girl

daddys girl- 1/29/2020
Always been a daddys girl
but he was mentally ill
and very disturbed.
A complete and utter
narrassatic personality
traits i inheirted from him.
becoming very self absorbed, neurotic and hysteronic.

my parents both had very dark brown eyes.
but as i look into the mirror i see a mismatch.
my mamas face with
my Father’s burning
and glaring
deep black eyes.

ghosts of you

ghosts of you
for Thaddeus Rahula Swartz

I’m haunted
by the ghost
of your twin eyes
a pair of
perfect flames.

I’m haunted
by the embrace
of your loving arms
-only meant for other angels-
not sinners like me.

I look for your reflection
in every pool of water
I ve ever seen.

I gaze for you
in every crystal
that I find

but your love
was never meant
for me or my kind.

the lips of an angel
grace my temples
in sheer moonlight
grace my temples

as I hide my bare feet.
I walk on Hallowed ground.
For this the love of an Angel
was never mine nor made for my kind.

Yet I will continue
to risk danger
to confront all fear
only just
to have you
somewhere near.

Slightly shady

Slightly Shady- 1/29/2020

My muse
is a slippery one.
She’s a bit
of bitter
and a bit of shade.

My muse
is the reclusive one.
She hangs out
in shadows
of star dust
and Lover’s unashamed lust.

My muse

is a slippery one.
She’s a bit of bitter and
a bit of shady.

Congress suck…


War sucks
congress also sucks
children in cages,
also sycks,
it sall omg everything sucks
the worse thing
is being alive
and given

religions all suck too.


rotten to the core
a moldy book
fuck/the !%
fuck/this is revolution
fuck/this is real horse-shit

nothing fancy
nothing fancy
nothing fancy

i never asked you anything
I never asked you anything

i only asked for everything
you have my everything
you are my everything
each time I wish upon a tarr.

wished me on upon…upon-upon-a -Star….a star, eastern stars

shut up

sometimes it
feels sharply
my mind
planes crashing me dry.
as i bleed911your

are ALL
shitehead assholes
i bled 911
i bled 911
I bleed the fuck outta 666

Eastern Stars
are never far from me.
Even though their rituals
are usually poor,poor,poor

and I feel rich
i feel high
i feel high
i feel high

by my husband Deano
is getting fucking angry
because he watches mee
like im just another
tattooed idiot pagan art therapsistartistpoestess?

Blue ValEtinE

blue velvet
i try to listen
(no you won’t)
be me
I meant be and bye
or meant-lyy meet in greet.

i said i try
to listen….
but you woud’ndt shut the hell.

up but we fall down some
up, up, up, yeah yeah
we pick ourselves’s up again.

ask why i still love You!??

i try
i try
i try

i tried to listen
but you would not say why?
I tried to listen, your do use your freaky
sex orgies/swinger/poly-theistic/satanic/vodoo./i.e.Cults ect

bisexual,translady/or trans or cis. males
human diversity,

i cant help thinking about the baby.
how horrible he grew up.
I grew up much much much
basically honestly?
humility does come easy.

He and I are only half-brother and half-sister.

I never met his mother.
I briefly met his father.
I dont have much sympathy
sympathy,simply lost on me.

we are close in age though-only 8 years apart.
i just pick up dna kit at store…9-12 weeks rgwy said before i get my resukts.