About Sex in the Kitchen Sink.

Hello. My name is Emily H. Sturgill. I began this blog on WordPress.com in 2012.
All the featured images, artwork and Poetry belong to me unless otherwise noted.
Every poem is written by me and I retain copyrights to everything posted on this blog unless otherwise noted.

I have been using the self-publishing platform through Amazon’s KDP program. I have self-published a total of 22 books over the last seven years. Now I am in the process of releasing my 23rd. Of the 23 books there are 17 Artwork and Poetry chapbooks, 2 Poetry Anthologies that I edited, 2 Artist chapbooks, 1 personal memoir and lastly 1 Fictional collection of short stories.

Some of my poetry in my new chapbook was first published on this site. In those cases I have dated and marked published on http://www.sexinthekitchensink.wordpress.com. I am still the original author and artist of this blog.

Why write?

Why write? 7/12/19

I’ve been
writing poetry
since I was
8 years old.

It’s not always
but sometimes it’s

Poetry and Artwork
are Summaries
of these things
I share with you.

small snippets
of creativity
like a cavity

pulled out of
thin air,
like lyrics

not singing verses,
my mind rehearses
words without Song.