Autumn Anthology Update:”Dredging up Demeter:An Autumn Anthology.” Now available as pre-order.

I have made my newest Project a Poetic Anthology Available on as a pre-order.

HERE is a link:

As a pre-order, it is available, to be purchased in advance of its release. I am hopeful that I will be able to release it at the end of Feb around Feb 28th, 2015. The timeline is I have a new deadline for all of my poets involved. They have been notified of this in most cases by email. The deadline for all of their work is Jan 31st, 2015. Then Kindle Direct Platform -(KDP)-

gives me a deadline too, I must upload a finalized manuscript no later than Feb 18, 2015. Then it will be published on Feb 28, 2015.

This time, I went for a bit higher price-but only by $2. Basically the kindle version will be $3.33. I can always go back and reduce it. I can also revise my book description to include all the poets names as I did with my other Anthology. Any feedback is very welcome. I am asking each of my poets submit three more poems-so four in total-plus, if they wish a piece of artwork or photography, of their own original creation, that compliment their poetry.

I can be contacted via email at: OR Please put Autumn Anthology in subject line or Demeter Anthology.

Thank you, sincerely Emily Sturgill

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