Something new…

I made some artwork after writing last nights poem called “Landslide.”

CAM00335  I am also working on another visual journal.CAM00340 CAM00337This a picture of the cover-although the lighting was bad. The words say”Make more art.”

I’m uncertain if I can keep the inspiration rolling today. It often comes out in waves or shoots out like mini bolts of lightening. My Muse is often not all there-she is transparent like scotch tape almost invisible-but yet again she appears. I would love to throw together a new book of artwork and poetry-another chapbook. The holidays are keeping me busy, as well as my Good Reads Giveaways. I have my last giveaways of december to mail out tomorrow. Congrats to the 6 winners! Hopefully the books will get to you soon.

I also have a couple art therapy workshops scheduled for the second week in Jan. I will post about those soon. In the meantime, I am going to try to make more art and maybe more poetry….if i can catch up with my Muse and grab her by the hair or the tail! LOL. Creativity is such a mystery. Sometimes it comes very easily other times it is very late to the party or does not show up at all…we shall see!!