New Release Finally Available….Artist Chapbook!

My final and second Volume of My Artist Chapbook has just been released on the kindle today.
It is part of the “Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.” Series, it is the second and final Volume.
To purchase a kindle copy please go here:

It should also be available as a paperback, soon, I expect in the next few days.

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Good Reads Author profile pageSpirals of Song and other poems book cover1 Picture 161 Picture 158 Picture 150 Warming up with color abstract 2 Fall 2013 Picture 149 Picture 160 Abstract oil pastel drawing 99 cover design for words whirl 2013 copy old art and new 001 visual journal entry zentangle August 2 2013 Falling to pieces by EHCato 1999 IMG_20130615_101001 IMG_20130330_093258 abstaction no.2 print on glossy paper watermarked imaginary landscape print on linen paper WATERMARKED abstract flower painting 2003 BookCover Rantings and Ravings paperbook vol2