Making magic-

words fall out

rapidly, like a fire-hose.

words fall down

sideways stumble and stretching

into a staircase.

words bubble upwards

lifting my soul

higher and higher.

words flake off

lightly, longingly into

a stream of

subconscious poetry.




My body trembles

when you say my name.

With a simple touch,

I resolve to dust.

As We make love,

the earth shifts on it’s axis.

As I rotate slightly beneath the warmth

of your sun. everything.everything. it’s everything shaking.

You feel hard.

You feel large.

You feel like, my earthquake, baby.


The One


is my rock solid.


is my better half.


is the Algebra in my equation that equals perfect math.

He is my best friend. He is my morning Song his heart is my home. It’s somewhere we both belong. He is my husband his star is bright and sincere. He has the bluest eyes they reflect a sea, a soul so deep, the blue of a thousand skies. I get lost in a stare. And, Marriage is a promise that we keep, a love that binds….