Stuck on the serene

I’m stuck on the serene.
I am a fly caught by the sky of stars,
onto your cars dashboard’s glass-
smashing fast
beneath windshield wipers cast of silver.

the past is a postcard memory.
a momentary glismpe over my shoulder,
and a 35 cent postage stamp.

there is so much love here.
it covers me, endlessly.
until i breakout like an allergy.
feeling the rash of never belonging/nor…
being worthy of all the love
he sends to me.

I’m a broken down rabbit earred TV screen.
stuck on static and white noise.
i am broken into too many
ancient places
to be fixed by your hi-fi definations.

I am the broken down pay-phone,
in the mental ward which only takes
quaters, and everybody is fresh out,
sadly giving me longing looks of too much pain.

I am the peeling paint job
on the oldest wooden house
abandoned ob our block
windows nailed shut
front door busted into
filled with the evils of crime, rodents of luck and opportunistic stray cats.

I am the fever which makes you sweat.
my heat intensifies
under a heating blanket, some fiction
and a bodybag of a corpse filled to the brim:
with lies.

Last day Free promotion on kindle!

This is the last day of my three day free promo on kindle of “Butterfly-rimmed eyeglasses and the trouble with Tuesday.” by Emily Sturgill, 2013.image024

It is roughly 41 pages long, it has original poetry and artwork by me Emily Sturgill. It has some prose, a dash of short-story/ mostly fictional. Here is a direct link to download a free copy for your kindle or e-reader:

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Dreamcatcher and other poems promo ends at midnight

Dreamcatcher and other poems promo ends at midnight

You only have a few hours left to download a free e-book copy of my latest art and poetry chapbook, “Dreamcatcher and other poems.” By Emily Sturgill (2013) It is roughly 29-30 pages and combines more recent poems and also color artworks.

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To download the free e-book just visit the same link above, it’s the first book mentioned on my page, i think because it is my most recent one.

I am a beginner to the world of self-publishing, so any tibits of insights or comments would be very useful. I love getting feedback, even if its negative, because that tells me i must have made a wrong turn someplace.