Beneath the Depths

Beneath the depths by Emily H. sturgill

written on sunday 11/10/13

Beneath the Depths-

off the deep end, the depth,

of a Dog.

a Jaded wish, golden green


with another:

Detroit Depression.

Staring, down the barrel of

Trust, as a Daydream.

Drawing Pictures of Picasso’s Peace-Motion.

Cover me in Oceans,

as the birds form,

my Sister’s Staircase.

Covered in sea-shells and glistening

in Sands.

She escaped Michigan,

for the Sunrise of Florida,

and the promises of Eternal

Sun-filled Days.

Here in Michigan,

I will stay, staring down,

another Detroit Daydream.



Running up that big hill,

Running out of breath,

I have no endurance-no strength left.


Running up the wall,

Running up the street,

Running all sideways,

the stars beneath my feet.


a troubled mind

tries to find the time

to create a story-

or weave a rhyme.


a writers mind,

always running-no where to go,

just running on steam,

among broken dreams.


Running up that hill,

Running towards free-will,

Running towards a notion or two,

or three.


Finding a moment,

covered in honesty reaching for,



Poetry always reminds me,

to find myself,

I must forget all else-

letting the raw ideas flow-

right through me,

like one in a trance.


Riddles, sphinx, pyramids

Ancient stuff, it is all a mystery-

entirely over my head-

way beyond me.


But Poetry, my Muse

she whispers to me in my left ear, lightly,

she says just that I should run-

run freely until I reach the Sun.


Running up the wall,

Running up the street,

Running all sideways,

the stars beneath my feet.


Running up that big hill,

Running out of breath,

I have no endurance-no strength left.

wiccan11 Picture 94 IMAG0900




Sometimes my past,

catches up with me and

it seduces me, with torrid tales, lies, and


confusion of;

distortion of faulty fact.

Sometimes, I walk heavy

with a 30 lbs baby dinosaur on my back.

Ancient times call for Ancient measures.

A ring of salt, forms a circle cast.

A temple prayer, a Buddhist chant, and the ringing

of a bell goes blink, blink,blink…into my mind’s eye.

There are places I’ve seen,

There are places I’ve been,

Encased, enclosed and Trapped -into a dream.

Sometimes, I ponder the what, why, when,how,where of things…

my memories are hazy,

my feet tremble slightly,

as I collapse, crumble and walk out

of your dream.

Distilled Silence

Distilled Silence;

a metaphor created from lyrics-

of the silent, shade of blue, surreal song.

In the shade, stood the Earth.

It was whole, I am not.

a shiny beach song for a single,

copper-headed penny.

Distilled silence,

into liquid- a crucial matter

of disgusting drugs.

Depression grabs me off balance again.

Now what? and why? and who?

My friend waves the Peace flag again,

she gives me permission,

to attempt a death-defying,

savvy pen miracle,

once again.

While I’ve been ignoring you…

While I’ve been ignoring you-my dear blog-and my dear readers, I have been working non-stop. I am attempted to publish a book that is only artwork-no poetry. Well, on the plus side I have quite a bit of art to share, on the downside I am more of a “fine” artist as opposed to a “graphic artist” . So my skills as a photographer, need some improvement as well as my ability to correct center and frame images on a page.

Meanwhile it’s a work in progress. I maybe able to get it done sometime this week-but it still needs a lot of love.

It is called,”Art before words.” and it is Volume One of a Two part series. The Series is simply called,”Art,Art, Art!! Before words.”

Volume One covers the mid-1990s- 2006. Mostly my undergraduate years. Volume Two will cover 2006-2013. The Graduate years.

I hope it is interesting to people. I’m not sure how to describe my art, it is as unique, unusual and a bit crazy-just like I am.

But I would rather you judge and drew your own conclusions.

I will let you know once I have it all figured out.cover for art art art before words noback cover art before words3 copy

Update new chapbook Lavender Surprise:

Lavender Surprise is now available as a paperback here:   It will also be available from probably in a few days and will appear on my Authors page.
My Authors page is:

The paperback is 38 pages, 8.5 x 11, features both poetry and artwork. It costs $9.99.

Lavender Surprise is also available on the kindle, for $5.99.

here is a link:

The only difference between the two are slightly different book covers. The content is the same in either version.


Sneak peak at the kindle book cover

Sneak peak at the kindle book cover

This is my new cover-art I just finished it today. The is for my 7th chapbook coming out, hopefully soon, on The kindle version will be identical to the paperback version, except that the paperback will have a different looking cover-similar-but different. This new one is called,”Lavender Surprise: Poems & Artwork.” Just very excited about it and wanted to share the news with you!!!

nature trial

Eagle Lovers
Hazy, greedy, trash
flung upon the path.
plastic bottles, paper cups, beer bottles
rotting food and a single racoon,
he is feasting upon our picnic memories.

A lamp shimmers surreal colors,
representing virtues, such as,
Hope, Fate, Beauty, and Joy.
brilliance as the colors merge into one
shade of absolute gorgeousness.

Beauty puzzles the Reading and befuddled,
Arsonist. As she lingers behind the library-after
school hours, with a lighter and some matches.
Joy, gratitude and happiness

are discarded from her life in all,
of its entirety, as she strikes a match
at a pile of trash, and watches the library
go up in flames, like a dragons roar.

Life is like a nature trial,
do you preserve the beauty, add to it, and glorify it?
Or do you litter the pathway, trash the wildlife,
increase the problem?

Or in the end,
are you just a troubled teen,
who sets the world ablaze,
in one horrific moment
leaving many fatalities
in your wake by mistake?

vast sunshine revolution

Huge UFO’s
Vast Sunshine Revolution;
a war with words.

Butterflies, they make-believe
without surprise.
The glory is the Sun.

Which leaves teardops upon us.
Pink pervert, researches a
sex fatality.

Cherish Hope beyond all else.
Everything else is an oncoming
disaster in an motor car accident.

Huge UFO’s deeply
dividing us, into a war of the worlds.
the vast cosmos embraces us,
by offerring the subtle unshaken handshake.

Prideful, and arognant ignorance
rejects any chance to be graceful
to anything misunderstood.

A sonic boom is the thing heard,
a punk-rocker, his remains become
roses among the concrete graffiti.

It’s a vast Sunshine Revolution
and a mix and blend of a cocktail
containing fragments of us
verses them.