flowers flourish bringing Spring.

Tip toe through the tulips-

by Emily H. Sturgill 5/6/15


Tip toe through the tulips,

flowers flourish

bringing Spring.

My tabby

he’s lazy, yet smart

he enjoys the natural

surroundings – as he tip toes through the tulips…

looking for his next bunny,mouse, or bird

to “play” with.

He loves the chase and the hunt-

not enough warrior spirit to go

in for the kill

or no perhaps that is me.

He brings us presents half alive,

and I try to free as as many as I can.

It’s ruthless, reckless, dangerous-

yet even he knows how to

tip toe through the tulips.

He knows how to enjoy his day!

As Spring Flowers flourish the tulips eventually

will turn and tumble

downwards closing up their buds

dropping their petals

for the hot heavy humidity

of Michigan Summer,

just right around

the corner.


Beltane: “may day”


mom as teen

You were my Mama’ s May day.

She carefully

And instructed me,

To gather flowers,

For our next door neighbors

And to place them on the porch

Step or in the doorway handle.

Then i was to yell out,

“May Day!” Ring their doorbells,

And like a frightened fairy,

Or some half changeling child,

Then i was told to laugh and run and jenny 8 yrs

This was how my mother

In her childhood

Celebrated the month

Of May.


Comes to mind

A pagan festival,

Ribbons , Ribbons,  Ribbons,

Swimming round a may pole,

Dancing singing their sweet sounds

Which today are lost to us now

A celebration of Mid Ages

A celebration of civilizations

long past

diminished beneath

a panel of glass, inside

an Art Museum of Antiquity


a sexual rite

a coming of age passing


stroking the flowers

igniting young and bold



that part

she had left outMom and Edy old pic

the part of the nudity

the part about


instead she

simply instructed in me

a love for tradition

to become a elfin heirloom

a wild changeling child,

the eighth of seven


a mythical imaginary invisible


as I went up and down between

our next door neighbors houses

grabbing bundles of flowers all

i could carry-

then leaving these offerings

on their steps

crying out from my fresh young


“May day! May Day!!”

Even now I can recall

her soft spoken pride

in it all-perhaps passing along

a tradition from her

own huge family

that bore seven children?


You were my Mama’ s May day.Mom and Dad old pic

She carefully

And instructed me,

To gather flowers,

For our next door neighbors

And to place them on the porch

Step or in the doorway handle.

Then i was to yell out,

“May Day!” Ring their doorbells,

And like a frightened fairy,

Or some half changling child,

Then i was told to laugh and run away.

Spring sneaks softly

Spring sneaks softly in…

like a brown field mouse

hiding from Cats.

likes a warm breeze in between

the gusty cloudy grey sky.

Spring sneaks softly in…

like an afternoon nap

fading slowly pass or

like changing the clocks

forward an hour

spring sneaks softly in…

like a sunrise you almost

missed out on while checking

your cellphone constantly,

or when you realize that sweaters

feel both too tight and too warm.

Spring sneaks softly in…

while we are busy taking

winter for granted and have

completely forgotten what Summer is all about?

Spring sneaks in softly…

with the clearing of blue skies

the beginning of muddy dirt pies

the trading of gray daylight

for ever expanding bright sunlight

Spring sneaks softly in like a thief among

tulips and windy breezes

Spring sneaks in.

In May

In May-


The month of
of merriment
and feels like

This short spring
month of
and lust.

The month of
tastes of blackberries
and feels like

This short spring
shatters the tulips
rakes the garden into rust.

The month of May,
tastes like
childhood kool-aid
and feels like
bruised up knees.

This short spring
blooms into flowers
and allows

the sunshine
to scoop down,
embracing our touch.

Thinking things through…

Thinking things through…
the wind conveys the secret
message that
Spring is almost near.

Thinking things through…
as the bulbs begin to bud.
As the air begins to warm and whisper.
The wind sends out call,
to all the flocks of birds-
then to the other animals
both small and tall.

Thinking things through…
I stand in the thick and thin out of
it all.
Trying to catch a Spring breeze
as the smell of grass
and the feel of Sun and Air upon
my bare arm, everything
catches up to me-
in a moment of Awe.

Thinking things through…
this is the time of the year,
to sort through the old,
and embrace the new.

Just taking my time
to gather my thoughts
and think these things through…

Daily Reminders

The Glorious daffodils, and daisies-

the tulips and irises of days passed.

Recalling the Springtime of the Yesterdays-

before the valley of your death.

Sometimes, I feel so lost in the memories.

I can almost hear your laughter-still ringing in my ears.

It was laughter of the joyous sort,

You would always be filled with jokes,

and laugh along beside us.

There were of course the bad times too.

But that is not how-I choose to remember you.

I am forever fond of your big heart.

It is a fitting tribute that the perennials,

which you planted-

each year they keep coming back.

I still miss you, but it is a bit less-

when I see all the wonders you’ve left us,

you did

your very best.


primrose, with thorns, too fuzzy

too mangled and muddy to see….

primrose, with thorns, hidden

beneath your colorful bounty of joy,

beneath my fingers, your sharpest points,prick me

into another ending,

heartbreak at a glance,

devastating to the touch.

primrose, a prick of blood, a sure sign


spring will follow suit, soothing winters snowstorms with

the blush of color beneath a thunderstorm,

and all that mud, my dog just dragged in.