a leather bound book

laced together

of secrecy and such

the breath of a raven

the ghost of a feather

beneath a shadow who smells

of desire.


a book of secrets

passed from one generation

to the next-

stepped in ones history

a landscape of

time not forgotten

words whispered quietly

among the chosen.

Sometimes secrets are better

left quietly whispered into

the darkness part of the night

under the fullest moon

shattering secrets

casting spells

in the pale yellow lime


Stockpile Imagery-2/8/14

Stockpile imagery

a rusted collection plate

thrown round a church

gathering prayers instead of money.


Stockpile imagery.

Close your eyes to reach out before you

and catch a dream,

before it collapses, concave, sinking into

a momentary

loss of memory. 

Stockpile imagery.

Newspaper clippings and pictures cut

sliced out of magazines

pictures of people, things, animals

that make you want to believe

that you can create anything at all-

if only you could dream it.

But catching hold of a dream,

before it slips unseen

through sleeping fingers

aint always as easy as it seems.


So concentrate.

Try your damnest to grab hold of your prays and your dreams,

because there is a stockpile of imagery to choose and cherish from.


Stockpile imagery

a rusted collection plate

thrown round a church

gathering prayers instead of money.


To change it around, shake contents upside down.

To change it around,

please shake contents upside down.

And it comes to me,

that only I have the power to decide-

to make up my mind,

will today be a good day?


How can I make it so?

Can I let the bad thoughts go,

away in a puff of smoke?

Can I grab so tightly of that elusive

thing called Hope, before i begin to

choke all of her best intentions?

Can I choose, just for Today,

to focus on all the little things,

which make me smile and wonder in awe,

at the depth and the beauty even found

in a cloudy day?


Can you try along with me,

come along for the ride,

try to grab hold on the positive side…


Only you can change your own mind.

What will you decide, to focus on the

negativity or will you try to reach deeper-

way deep inside, to find that bliss,

which ignites your mind?