Tip-toe through the daisies

It’s cold here.

So then, I close my eyes

and I imagine things.

I imagine that I

can tip-toe through the daisies

which lie buried under deep snow

I imagine them bloom, and-

then I imagine them grow

into a sea

of devastation

a sea of utter raw beauty-

you would agree,

if you could just, only close your eyes

and tip-toe through the daisies-

C’mon old man winter,

I am ready for you to stop following me.

I am ready for a sea full of daisies

and the beauty they may bring

a rarity called


Michigan Snow

moshi in snow winter 13                                 Michigan Snow

The snow knows

where it wants to go.

Here in Michigan we are getting,

oh so weary of the Michigan Snow.

It is dreary, it blankets us completely, even my dogs

get tired of this mess. This has been sincerely,

one of our worst winters in recent history.

A year ago, there was barely any and we were spoiled

like small children-we thought nothing about the

snow of Winters past. We had forgotten about the bad driving, or getting your car stuck in the snow-

in your very own driveway!! We did not see this arctic blast coming down upon us.

We never thought, we did not ask, we only assumed-

that this year would be like the last.

We were so wrong. And now I feel blue, from all this-Michigan snow.

I am so sick of it. Not to mention the dog in the photo, he is my 11 year old

Shiba Inu. He’s sick of it too-sometimes it comes up to his chest.

We are from Michigan, born and breed. We should expect this stuff,

yet it was unexpected for many. In fact, it blew us away.

All this Michigander Snow, in and out- every single day!


Still snowing

Still snowing here,

silently floating down/dandruff/from the sky.

still snowing/as i/watch/the second hand/on my watch

tick the seconds by/as they add up/to minutes/while/

i wait/for you/while your at work/but

still it snows. no where to go but up?

no that defies logic, disproves gravity, the small white

flakes descend upon us like a blanket

covering a dream.

still it snows on/silently/lingering/in vast disarray/

of piles to be shoveled

and snow-men to be


Cliches run rampant

Cliches running rampant

in my head, things like, “winter wonderland.” or “all four seasons in one day.” which is the title of a song by Sting, on his CD Mercury Falling or perhaps Mercury Rising-i cannot really recall which, and “Winter Wonderland.” is also a song, i believe…

Cliches running rampant

in my head,

everyone I know it seems was joking,

just the other day, about our State’s weather,

how it seems to be so indecisive it changes its mind,

rather quick, it seems almost somewhat

like a young girl who keeps changing her mind,

on which stuffed bear is her favorite toy!

Michigan seems to say, “Spring!” no no no wait….

“Summer!!” no no no…”Winter?”

“Fall!!!” With Michigan its a crazy free for all.

And the newscasters try to pretend,

the “weather men” or women, that they know whats

going to happen with our crazy weather,

but the truth is nobody knows.

One minute it snows, then the next the Sun graces us,

with its warmth and the flakes,

burn then melt away,

into muddy spring-size puddles.

A few hours later, we could get 6-7 inches,

of the white stuff, truth is you just never do know-

Living in Michigan keeps you,

on your toes.

Big snow flakes

Big snow flakes,

softly tumble down,

as i watch them as they fall-

wondering if i ran outside,

if i could catch one,

they are about the size of a quarter-piece

a coin, with the exception of un-even edges,

cut into individual jig-saw puzzle pieces,

which neatly fit

together, when they hit

the ground.

so pretty to watch, yet ,

tremendously terrible to try to

drive in.

Michigan snow storms are

the stuff, accidents are made of.

Just had a huge one the other day

on I-75, and no one I knew was hurt,

but there were causalities

I just watched it on the news.

It was sad. But these things do tend to

occur and happen, when the

weather gets nasty here,

do not let the pretty flakes fool


you have to be careful,

driving in this weather,

it may look beautiful,

but please remember

beauty does,

kill, sometimes