Summer in September

Summer in September


The buzzing fan

stings a cool breeze

in the air conditioned room.

Temps in the eighties still

humidity feels stiff

sweat drips like molasses

michigan summer still lingers

blasting heat brings thundershowers

on the edge of Autumn and yet

Temps in the eighties still

humidity feels stiff

sweat drips salty sugar

its summer in September.

Autumn Announces itself…

Autumn Announces itself…

10/31/14 by Emily Sturgill

Autumn comes in slowly,

creeping temperatures dropping

in Michigan below 50.

The wind does yell.

The wind does howl.

Th chill fills the air

and my cat wants to go outside,

she begins to meow.

a pathetic sound,

a plea which will be

for tonight at least-


Autumn Announces itself

in all its angry growls

and howls of a wind

so fierce that it fills my house.

With the thin crackle, crunching of

paper thin leaves

falling from trees.

Autumn in all her glory,

has arrived, as we settle in

by the fire

about to tell stories.

She is here,

Autumn announces herself.

It’s Halloween

It’s Halloween 10/31/14

Just a bit past 5:25

and the Wind awakens

with a voice that’s alive.

It howls, hollers, winds up to

40 miles per hour.

Setting the scene

for some Halloween screams.

My token black cat

leaves my side.

As the wind roars and hollers

like something alive.

A train sounds off

it’s blast in the distance

before twilight falls,

bringing demons, ghosts, ghouls,

and witches.

Stirring a cauldron of black pitch,

smoke from dry ice

candle lit jack o’lanterns

and some candy

but only if you are nice.

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In May

In May-


The month of
of merriment
and feels like

This short spring
month of
and lust.

The month of
tastes of blackberries
and feels like

This short spring
shatters the tulips
rakes the garden into rust.

The month of May,
tastes like
childhood kool-aid
and feels like
bruised up knees.

This short spring
blooms into flowers
and allows

the sunshine
to scoop down,
embracing our touch.