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In this book, Dr. Abbott addresses several basic issues and concerns, which would be very useful to anyone diagnosed recently with mental illness, or that person’s friends and family.She presents a model of Recovery in five stages. Dr. Abbott writes that she adopted-(invented perhaps?)-this model, after studying similar models such as the well known 5 stages of Grief/ Loss or certain recovery from addiction models.However she contrasts her model by pointing out while other models are static, hers is not. She feels her model is more fluid-to me her model almost seems circular-although we both agree that a person in any process form of recovery from mental illness may repeat these stages or regress or progress at different stages.

As she points out many with mental illnesses may go in and out of these stages at any given time. Here are her five stages: 1. Psychological Changes 2. Self-Awareness of those changes 3.Receiving help.4. Acceptance of ones own mental illness. 5.Reaching out to others. She does explain not everyone will complete this entire process outlined. The last step is the hardest-to deal with stigma and to reach out to others in need-still suffering-while this is noble-not everyone is capable of this or even wishes to try this.(the author does acknowledge this fact.) Also in this book she recounts her own story of mental illness. I do wish that this section was longer and that she would have expanded. But this is a brief guidebook, I do understand why her focus is not on her personal experiences so much. She centers on the issues faced by those with mental illness and how to help.

This is an useful resource no matter what stage of recovery you are in. This book is ideal because it emphasizes two things; You are not alone and there are a multitude of ways you can help yourself.
One last thing I would like to add, is what the Author says about Hope: “The self-fulfilling
prophecy studied by psychologists, includes the idea that what we continue to believe about ourselves or our future will Eventually come to be. It’s essential to maintain a positive outlook about yourself and your future.”(2013, Abbott.L, p.26)

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About my poetry and artwork chapbooks, I work very hard to make sure that the material on my blog-poems, pictures, ect. is different from my published materials. There are exceptions, when several of you, my dear readers “like” a certain poem or two, I sometimes include those into my artist and poetry chapbooks-but I try to let you know of that fact. 99.5 % of what I publish is new to you.

I do that by maintaining this blog, but also keeping a private journal. Some of the journal poems got posted here-but not most and not all. And when they do I try not to include them in my books because I do not want you to feel cheated in any way.

Also, I could really use your help. If any of you have taken advantage of my free promo periods AND actually read any of my books, on the kindle or as a purchased paperback, I desperately need more reviews. Even if you bought a kindle book. Either way, even if it was a free download, will allow you to review it. I’m trying to get as many reviews as I can, because I feel this may boost actual book sales in my favor. You should get a email from asking you if you want to review one of my books if you downloaded it/ or bought it. If not please visit my Authors page: you should be able to simply click any of my books you have bought/ or downloaded and rate it on a 5 star scale. Then just write your thoughts a simple paragraph will do. I want honest reviews, I prefer positive reviews, but if you have a negative response that’s ok too. I’m just starting out as a self-published artist/author/poet. I know I have much to learn. I cannot even afford an editor. I do it all myself.

Eventually, I would like to attempt a book of fiction/short-stories. Right now, my concentration, is not the greatest. So I stick mostly to poems, if i feel brave i may attempt some prose.

I also encourage and highly welcome feedback on my blog. If you send me a comment there is a high likely-hood I will post it.

Thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad so many have subscribed so far-it’s almost a village-135 people so far. It means alot to me that you read my dribble-drabble-thought-puddles-of-poetry.


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im unsure if any of you, have taken advantage of the free download promo periods where you can download one or two of my ebooks for free?
I suspect , that perhaps one or two or you may have, because i check up on the number of downloads which take place. Sometimes, the numbers appear slightly crazy ranging anywhere free 9-107.

Yeah, one actually did get 107 downloads, it was either my first one, or my fourth one. Let me tell you a little secret, now that my blog has like 75 readers and i mostly talk about my e-books, on this blog, it is only somewhat logical, to deduce, to randomly guess, that one or two of you may have read something i wrote?

Which, i think is totally awesome of you!! If you took time out of your hectic and busy days, to download one of my books for free and actually read some or all of it, that is fantastic!!!!

Here’s the thing though. Nobody is posting comments or reviews on my Authors page…ecept for one really nice guy who reviewed my 1st e-book.
But his review, although very generous is getting lonely in the cold airs of cyberspace!!

Hey Guys, c’mon…..let me share another secret….i believe, that Reviews, can help sell books. Maybe, im old fashioned or out of touch with reality-sure that one’s highly plausible…..BUT…IT..would increase my low, battered, broken down self-esteem and tarnished self-image, if just one or two or a few of you would writea review!!!!! Pretty Pretty, Pretty Please!!
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I just went through my kindle library,and took some notes on which works stood out to me good or bad. I then wrote 15 short reviews, around a paragraph each on 15 different purchases, whether e-book or mp 3 music. I did write 2 bad reviews, and 1 that was only so-so but the other 12 reviews were all 5 stars and very positive. The negative ones, I deemed necessary only in those two cases due to an Author of an e-book completely misrepresenting him or herself.

I’m a huge believer in karma, and definitely do not want to rain negativity down all over on somebody. Unfortunately,in both cases I felt more than a little bit justified with my critiques. And the 12 positive reviews? I felt those persons deserved the glory of high praise and hopefully more people will then be encouraged to buy that work.

I’m really hoping after my e-books go back into a free promo phase that someone will write me a couple nice reviews. I have gotten only one review so far-and they said really great stuff-but I am hoping to gain even more feedback, so i can gain more potential buyers.Hopefully, if i earned any good karma points by writing 12 really glowing reviews-i will get one or two nice reviews back. Because think about it…If you are browsing on for anything music, book, e-book,product-don’t you read the reviews first? Does it make a difference if nobody reviewed it? For me it does. I would say i am more likely to buy if i see somebody else bought something and like it enough to leave a review.