sitting idle by

sitting idle by,

watching the world go by,

as the hands on the clock move slow.

At a 12-step support meeting,

I am supposedly leading, and each week goes by-

nobody shows, except this week you did.

It surprised me because, we totally already know one another.

So no longer idle I begin to try,

to lead you, away from your addiction, as i

try to deal with mine. And we are just like,

long-lost girl-friends.

It was amazing to see you again-

however I know you are facing down

some of my own private demons too.

Not sure if the next time i see you-

you will really be you? Or a different

version, your illness talking and walking,

deep beneath your skin.


Knowing when, it’s time to say When.

Knowing when, it's time to say When.

Trying to give up on smoking before the damn things kill me.Quit date is either Nov 30th or Dec 1st. I have instructed my non-smoking hubby to tackle me in the A.M. and stick a patch on me.