Still accepting poets for Autumn Poetry Anthology: Update

I am still working on the cover art. Right now, I have a total of six poets interested, I am going to list them by first name only if you do not see your name & have already submitted please email me. If you wish to join us I am extending the deadline for at least another two weeks.

The list of current poets involved are: Leesa, Carrie,Omavi,Celestine,Bianca and Emily-(me)-

So Far the Cover Art looks like this:

Dredging upDemeter Cover 2

I’m looking for at least 10-15 poets in total. It depends on how many are interested -then I can determine how many poems per poet. Right now I am thinking of at least three poems, but perhaps as many as four poems per poet? Any suggestions would be helpful with this process.

If the interest stays this small, I might even expand to five poems per poet-that will be up for debate among the previous six other poets listed above. I was hoping for a larger selection. But I must admit even if it winds up a smaller anthology-that wonderful things still can come in small packages.

I am more than willing to accept new poets! The basic themes are still the same. I am leaning towards dividing the book in half like I did with my previous project. The first time I just ordered each poem in the order it was emailed to me in the first half of our project. In the second half I put all the remaining poems grouped by each individual poet. We did also include small bio statements which we may not do this time-I’m going to leave it up to my poets-if they wish to do this again or not?

The themes are:

1. Autumn

2. Seasonal Holidays: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain, Thanksgiving perhaps I should also include? Christmas and Winter Solstice here as well...?

3. Changing of Seasons: Summer into Fall or Fall into Winter

If you wish to be included? It is easy. Just email me a poem on one of the above themes. The Deadline is either Dec 1st or when I reach around 20 poets. Then I will ask for at least 2 poems possibly 3 more poems for each poet. If I do not reach that many poets- I am just extending our deadline by another two weeks So Dec 16th, 2014. Hopefully we can complete this project by sometime in Early Jan or Feb 2015.

My email is: or Please put Poetry Anthology 2 in subject line or Dredging up Demeter.”