a leather bound book

laced together

of secrecy and such

the breath of a raven

the ghost of a feather

beneath a shadow who smells

of desire.


a book of secrets

passed from one generation

to the next-

stepped in ones history

a landscape of

time not forgotten

words whispered quietly

among the chosen.

Sometimes secrets are better

left quietly whispered into

the darkness part of the night

under the fullest moon

shattering secrets

casting spells

in the pale yellow lime


A candle-wicks dance among the windblown may season

the light chases itself,

in it’s own unique fascination.

it enjoys its own rhythmic company-

with great shining satisfaction-

it dances like a dragon, chasing its tail, towards

the singular light of a new dawn.


IMAG0906The candle reminds me, of spirituality.It’s flame is Elemental and Eternal. It is one of the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire-5 elements if you include God/goddess or Spirit. There is something peaceful and enchanting to watch the flame just dance, twirl and flicker-as if its got a mind of  its own-yet perhaps, it does, perhaps it does indeed.

So many blessings. Many marvels. Many wonders in years to come.

Gracious for the chance to rein in both time and space into a single thankful

breath; reminding me of all the places, people and things I am grateful for.

Grace shines onto us from within-it is own responsibility to share our grace, love, joy and beauty;

for all our fellow creatures,

beast and man


let the light shine on,

and blessed be. So mote it be.

(times three…)