Five hours later…

Five hours later…
and my ugly mood passes
like the breeze
of a windy day
the bad mood simply lifts
then passes away…

five hours later…
and all I can say
is the chirping of birds
does not bother
my annoyance has swayed.

five hours later…
and I decide
not to ruin, the rest of my day.
Days they are
so very short
it seems

so very useless
to waste them away
with headaches and apathy.

five hours later…
my husband/ lover will come
back home to me soon.

bringing me smiles and wearing
my heart as a prize onto his sleeve.

Perfection is Nobody,
and I cannot attain a perfect
happiness everyday
yet I can self-reflect

and appreciate all the gifts,
that I got. And be happy that
I have Love in my Life
because for some that simply
is out of reach.

Why feel misery when there
is a cool thoughtful breeze
passing through the air

and a clearing of consciousness
to the evaporated thoughts
that brought me back
to here.

Moodiness passes…
Five hours later
and I am looking forward
to family time,
cuddling my sweetheart
and watching tv.

Five hours later,
the winds have shifted
I am feeling a bit free.

Wanting to be Sunny Side up

Wanting to land/in the frying pan/sunny-side up/

for a change/sick of sorrow/ruining my days/ leaving me/hollow/

hollowed out/like scooped out jack o’latern/bits &brains.

its damn/time/for a change.

I wanna be Sunny Side Up/like the Sunshine/like a happy full-moon/like a present-when it is not even/your birthday.

I wanna be all shiny & new/ like silver -dollar coins/ something precious/

& collectable/instead of the gum you are scraping/off of your shoe/ why does it so happen?/i always feel/blue?

I tried to count all my blessings/& i don’t lie/ i have gotten tons/ some i do not/deserve/ some i cherish & pride/but despite it all/the everything/the blank page/the empty robot shell of a canvas/which stares at me nimbly/i cannot even pretend/ that i am always happy/ cuz some days / i’m just not/ and that is / ungrateful to be so unhappy/ so moody/so human/my eggs turn out runny…./be I wanna be Sunny Side up.