Why not?

I don’t understand Why not?

Why not?

Why are you unwilling to give it a shot?

Why not try something new?

Why don’t you trust me?

Why do you not believe me?

Why do you just assume I am

entirely full of shit-about everything?

Why assume I do not know,

exactly what I am talking about?

It hurts me deeply,

when you do not trust me


I have never told you

any lies on purpose I mean…

Why not?

Why can’t you?

Why do you refuse to

just hold my hand

and try to




Why not?

Love me gently…

Love me gently…

Love me loyally, love me silently and love me strongly.

Love me boldly.

Love me because you dare

to know me.

Love me gently…

as we whisper quietly.

Love me loyally, love me truthfully and love me dearly.

Love me as if you cherish me, even on the days you

do not.

Love me gently, love me with laughter and love me strongly.

Love me boldly.

Love me because you dare

to know me.

Because I will love you back

with all of my insanity, all of my sincere cracks in stability, somehow

I will channel all of my wildest moods

into the form of deeply loving you

and I will always be there

unless I get lost, on my way

of trying to come home to you.

I will love you loudly, soulfully and soundly.

I will love you gently too..

despite anything that comes between

me and you.

For you are my man & the only one

who really understands.

please just don’t stop

loving me, love me gently

so I do not break in half

like a cracked broken doll or

an empty ocean shell

please love me gently

and I will love you back,


& completely

(although that probably sounds a bit creepy-it’s not, it’s just my way of talking-to say that I love you with everything I got…)

By Emily Sturgill 3/25/15



Our first date

Our first date-
by Emily Sturgill

The first time
we met
you swore we had
met before.
(but I did not recall it.)

That first night,
fate intervened
on my behalf

as something nagged at me-
begged me to ask You…

For a ride home?

You were dripping and covered in tattoos
( I thought what a cute-tattooed boy!)
I thought for sure,

that You – maybe You were,
the strong silent type?
Oh, how wrong I was.

As I stepped into your car
you engaged me in
conversation so delightful.

We really hit it off-
and that happened fourteen years ago.
I needed you then.
I still need you now,
You are always,
my best friend.

There is no Other.


May 18, 2014, by Emily Sturgill
Fourteen years ago
on this exact day,
I met the man
I would share
a lifetime with


if I have wandered?
if I have strayed?

I always boomerang back
to my Love,
for Him
forever and a day.

How can one
cheaply summarize
fourteen years invested,
in somebody else’s
bright blue eyes?

You are my everything
everything I ever need
from You…

You are always there for me-
my friend
my Lover
my Husband.

The Seedling

The Seedling by Emily Sturgill

Searching for
something slippery
something slight of hand.

Seeking for
a sense of recovery,
something that’s in
high demand.

Searching for a way,
to enhance
each and everyday.

With a leap of Faith,
and the feel of
your fingers in my hand,
together we move mountains,
but alone

we are stuck in the sand.

Seeking your familiar heartbeat
the look of your wise soul
finding Love between Us-

It is the one thing,
the only thing
I can count on to
Flourish and Grow.

(for Dean.)

shivers up my spine

Fall evening,

bringing shivers up my spine.

The cold feels good-

it makes me feel alive, precious and beautiful.

The air is crisp, and I am under an electric blanket-

warm and toasty.

Waiting for the Man-

I call Lover, Husband and Best Friend,

to come home from a work outing.

He went with others from his work

to see the Detroit Tigers play.

Tomorrow he will have his

40th Birthday.

So Tomorrow I will bake him a cake,

while his mother hovers over me.

Then there will be gifts and laughter.

Right now is mere suspense.

I shiver in anticipation, as I wait,

for my Man to come home and wrap me up

into cuddling arms.

I know I will sleep good tonight,

despite shivers up my spine.

Marriage remains undefined

There is a crack,

in the door.

The door is ajar, slightly opened

and peering inside

two lovers are intertwined.

This is not a scene for mass consumption.

This is between a man and a woman.


However, it could also be between,

two men or two women.

For Love resides both in hearts and minds.

Love is not limited by gender.


A private moment-

a soft caress

a union of two becoming one.


Best in private.


The beauty of the thing,

is in its nature, it is normal and natural,

to Love.

Although some are not ready to open their hearts,

and give much of themselves-

Beyond words,

Beyond Beauty-

Beyond a doubt.

(written in memory of Tyler.)


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This poem, I wrote today about my husband. We’ve been together now almost 13 years, married barely 2.

He is one of those strong silent types. It drives my apes#$! But what can I do? I am in love, still very much with him. I try to accept him as he is. He’s not going to change. And being private its not necessarily a bad thing. It just frustrates me, when i know something is upsetting him but he wont tell me what. so yeah, i wrote a poem about that. The link above is a safe one it’s just my other blog. Some of the poems are different, some are on repeat. it’s a newer blog-so it does not have all the tons of posts this one does. Alrighty then. Check it out. let me know whatcha think???!!!digital art 9 emily and dean 2002

the stars of leo shining

listening to m.ward’s CD, “Hold Time.”

the song is “the stars of Leo” or something like that…

just listening, eat cookies and drinking my afternoon,

cup of joe. Black, hot, steamy coffee.

wearing my fake set of plastic, partials,

making it both easier and harder to chew all at the same time.

pondering the universe, the cosmos, and the philosophy of real Love.

I know i am overall, very happy, but i am kinda clueless,

as to why? My husband makes me very happy,

I am one of the lucky gals who married the right guy.

All the years together, and we are still at the “in love” phase.

Almost 13 yrs now, and I’m still hot for him,

he’s the only one. It’s nice to be happy,

be somedays i forget…

this is one of those days i am reminded. (not everybody is our kind of happy)

today i treasure it, and feel very satisfied.

Nobody’s perfect and sometimes we do fight,

but those days are very rare-the in-betweens.

Most of the time, I just adore and love him,

just for being him.

And when you have got something like that,

then you have everything really.

You hit the lottery.