blue blue lungs…

Waking up to chronic bronchitis,
getting the best of me again.
coughing so bad, it hurts,
runny nose,kleenex everywhere.

i’m dumb enough to smoke another
cigarette-right before hacking and coughing,
so fricking badly i reach for
my inhaler.

hating myself even more-
that i continue to smoke
and choke, cough some more.

it’s a lunatic’s vision
i am well aware of the risks,
to many loved ones died
from cancer, emphysema, or both.

not to mention or forget,
heart attacks or strokes,
but i keep lying to myself all the time.

those things will never cross
my path…
the reason why?
do not even ask, it’s intertwined
beneath my

layers of the Crazy.
blue blue lungs…
blue blue blue lungs..
blue lungs trying to gasp
for air.