least there be sharks….

Swimming with the fishes.

Swimming with the fishes, all beauty, and joy-

the heart of Asia

belongs to the Koi. (photo shown below was find in a Google image search-i do not hold the rights, but cheers to the photographer, its amazing!)

Swimming with the fishes, peace and joy. It’s like they are flying in a sky filled of beauty deep blue water. Their lives must be so graceful. So blessed. To be simply swimming with the fishes, forgetting all else. Savoring the sea or the pond as the case might be. Dreaming the dreams of creatures in the sea. To be blissful to be aware of natures truth and beauty. To reproduce without care nor worry. To joyfully join in the currents of peaceful waves, to watch the rock glow and shine beneath you as you sleep with eyes wide open, eight feet deep,to swim and swim and dream again-to breathe underwater, to fall through the water, swimming with the fishes, all beauty all joy. The heart of Asia belongs to the subtle, yet joyous Koi.