copper leaf necklace hangs down

A copper leaf necklace hangs down

off the side of my bed

as it rips through my

clenched fist

and I grab

fists full of air.


it hits the floor softly

making so little

less noise

you’d think it


was not there

this memento

a token

of a trip i took

while we were



we were parted

like the great and giant

Red Sea

a gulf of misunderstanding

it stretched out between,

you & me.



into two

two entirely

different people

than the ones

who we normally are


people stuck together

not by glue

but by choice


it was my heart

i gave it to you

on a dark and stormy night.


you still have it.

my heart i mean.

even though its quite messy, dirty and awful,

you take care

of it

you dust it clean

by only using


one thing.

your love

this endless stuff

we are stuck here

together with

this sticky situation


and yet we stay


stronger now

then ever parted.


this copper necklace

a leaf

a momento

a reminder

to get more sleep


and to be my better self

sometime tomorrow

my love

my endless golden sticky

situation that I’ve stuck with

my love is the one

i would stand by

through years of