Beneath the Depths

Beneath the depths by Emily H. sturgill

written on sunday 11/10/13

Beneath the Depths-

off the deep end, the depth,

of a Dog.

a Jaded wish, golden green


with another:

Detroit Depression.

Staring, down the barrel of

Trust, as a Daydream.

Drawing Pictures of Picasso’s Peace-Motion.

Cover me in Oceans,

as the birds form,

my Sister’s Staircase.

Covered in sea-shells and glistening

in Sands.

She escaped Michigan,

for the Sunrise of Florida,

and the promises of Eternal

Sun-filled Days.

Here in Michigan,

I will stay, staring down,

another Detroit Daydream.


The Ground

Settling in steady

beneath my skin

and I begin.

I close both eyes

and imagine my bed beneath me.

The floor beneath the bed.

The ceiling beneath the floor.

The downstairs living room.

Which holds many secrets and stories still

to tell. Beneath all that resides the floor,

which If i travel deeper-

supports our basement ceiling.

Inside that ceiling hides one of our favorite cats.

Beyond that another floor, under which is the cold cold ground.

I close my eyes and reach for that space.

I spread out both legs and imagine

all the way down to the Earth below

the cold cold ground.

And my feet become tangles of roots, among branches,

then my eyes picture the bright blue skies.

All is above.

All is below.

Settling into a feeling of serenity.

Imagining positive light and all the things

that bring us together;

into one single race/

The Human One.