Seeking inspiration:

Seeking inspiration, I stumble among

my large book collection.

I pick one up-flip through a few pages- and find this:

I take the pieces of my brokenness and I create something new and meaningful. I offer this wisdom to others. Now I understand that my very brokenness is my connection to the unbroken whole.”

(Straub.Gail.(2001) Circle of Compassion-Meditations for Caring-for self and for the world. page 86. Journey Editions: Boston:MA.)

I ponder Ms. Straub’s meditation. It seems to me that in so many places, I
struggle with my brokenness. I stitch it together these shards of fragile self, like shards of broken glass.

I weave my brokenness into a sweater. I keep myself warm for more stormy weather.

How can I use my scars to heal myself?

How can I use my scars to heal others?

Is empathy always a two-bladed sword-if I feel for you, for your pain, am I also stabbing myself,

at least a small bit in my big and wounded heart?

And yet, I cannot stop it.

This endless sea of empathy.

I want to help everybody I meet.

I want to be useful, and unique.

I want to be the one who bandages others, comforts them, encourages them.

Yet, I wondered how can I reach outwards with my heart,

giving of myself-while I still bleed of emotions from time to time?

Is it right? Is it practical? Can I sacrifice my sorrows-just to give to,

someone else, a blessed and happy tomorrow?