Hope, is the thing with feathers.

image012     Hope is the thing with feathers, Love is the thing which flies.  

I think I may have found my hope again.I made the above collage for a friend of mine and her husband because they helped my husband and myself when we were in a rough patch. It happened nearly 2 years ago. I found out I was pregnant at the end of Oct 2011. I was in shock because we have infertility issues. Yet we both really wanted a family. Only 11 days later, I discovered I was having a natural complete miscarriage. It was devastating. To make matters worse the pain was running havoc on my bipolar disorder and sleep cycles. On top of everything my husband was very sick with Bronchitis and we did not have the extra money to cover a doctors co-pay. I was terrified he might get pneumonia. I asked some friends for help-emailed a huge bunch. These two people offered to help me immediately and a second friend ask soon after if I was still in need? I was not but it meant so much for her to offer and I was very grateful to my first friend and her husband for helping. I just bring this up because I was thinking about this Today. Thinking about the nature of Hope. Especially, with Congress in a deadlock over funding for “Obama-Care.” There is much passion on both sides of this issue. However, it seems very unfair to me that the Republicans are causing a government shutdown-just so more persons do not have equal access to health coverage. This is affecting Government employees who are not receiving their regular paychecks. So it is hurting those families and those persons- and they want to derail a Government Health Bill design to help people most vulnerable? I just think of the spot I was in two years ago-even with health insurance and Very Good Health Insurance-we could not afford a co-pay without asking some friends for help. I cannot imagine trying to get by with no coverage at all. Even if you feel you do not need it what if an accident happens or you get very ill, suddenly? Why do people always assume it will never happen to them?

I am sure not everybody with agree with me. And that’s okay-I do not expect to change minds. Politics is something I normally do not say much on.

But today when I was thinking of Hope, and all the many blessings in my Life-I was reminded of this story and the art piece that I made. I am not sure if sharing it is the best or worst idea. Please take it as you will, as a small grain of salt or sand. But one last thing, before you trash our President and his health care plan, consider this, How would you feel if it were your loved one who was sick and they could not afford healthcare? What if it were you? That’s the only point I am trying to make. I am very sorry if I offended anyone with my crazy liberal rantings.